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Topping Sauces


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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
Due In
SGF1700Colac Strawberry Topping Sauce1kg bottle31£5.72
SGF1702Colac Banana Topping Sauce1kg bottle6£5.90
SGF1704Colac Caramel Topping SauceA dark brown fluid sauce, burnt caramel taste1kg bottle7£5.41
SGF1706Colac Raspberry Topping Sauce1kg bottle29£5.96
SGF1708Colac Salted Caramel Topping SauceA thick brown salted caramel sauce1kg bottle23£6.02
SGF1710Colac Hazelnut Topping Sauce1kg bottle12£7.47
SGF1712Colac Chocolate Topping Sauce1kg bottle40£5.41
SGF1714Colac Caramel & Toffee Topping SauceA thick brown traditional caramel sauce1kg bottle46£5.84
SGF1718Colac Mango Topping Sauce1kg bottle11£5.90
SGF1720Colac Passion Fruit Topping Sauce1kg bottle5£5.90
SGF1722Colac White Chocolate Topping Sauce1kg bottle18£6.23
SGF1900Dark Chocolate Flavour ToppingFor Warm and Cold Use1kg bottle6£5.67
SGF1902Caramel ToppingFor Warm and Cold Use1kg bottle17£5.66
SGF1904Red Fruit ToppingWith Redcurrants and Raspberries1kg bottle5£5.72