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Coloured Cocoa Butters

These ready-mixed liquid cocoa butter colours can be used with spray guns to decorate and colour your chocolate moulds or used directly into your moulds, onto finished chocolates or patisserie.

All of the Origin cocoa butters are non-AZO in compliance with recent legislation (EC 1333/2008) and the Origin colours are based on non-artificial products. Please note that all non-AZO colours must be stored at below 12°c.

Most other colours are not non-AZO and are designed to add more vibrant impact to your chocolates, cakes and patisseries.

To review the AZO legislation and how it might affect you, see our Knowledge Bank article.


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SCR500Origin Coloured Cocoa Butter; Light Yellow245g; Non Azo245g4£17.36
SCR470Coloured Cocoa Butter; Light Green245g; Azo245g14£16.31
SCR471Coloured Cocoa Butter; Green245g; Azo245g15£16.31
SCR472Coloured Cocoa Butter; Citrus Yellow245g; Azo245g13£16.31
SCR473Coloured Cocoa Butter; Arctic White245g; Non Azo245g36£16.31
SCR474Coloured Cocoa Butter; Flame Red245g; Azo245g49£16.31
SCR475Coloured Cocoa Butter; Orange245g; Azo245g9£16.31
SCR476Coloured Cocoa Butter; Forsythia Yellow245g; Azo245g17£16.31
SCR477Coloured Cocoa Butter; Pink245g; Azo245g8£16.31
SCR478Coloured Cocoa Butter; Brown245g; Azo245g6£16.31
SCR480Coloured Cocoa Butter; Royal Blue245g; Non Azo245g16£16.31
SCR481Coloured Cocoa Butter; Black245g; Azo245g15£16.31