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Sugars and Gelling Agents

These are usually added to another mass in order to change the characteristics or behaviour of the mass in some way.

Sorbitol, invert sugar, glucose syrup and panela powder are all sugars. Sorbitol is generally used to keep a filling soft due to its properties as a moisture stabiliser. Invert sugar, which is a non-crystalline sugar with similar properties to honey, performs the same function but through a different mechanism. Glucose is often used as a thickener or sweetener. Detailed guidance on how and when to use different sugars is beyond the scope of this introduction, but there are many books which cover their use, such as Jean-Pierre Wybauw's 'Fine Chocolates' series. Panela is a non-refined raw sugar made from dehydrated cane juice with no added chemical substances, keeping its natural flavour and nutrients.

Isomalt is a sugar alcohol. It is non-hygroscopic and does not crystallise as fast as sugar. As a result, it is widely used in sugar sculpture. Tartaric acid, like citric acid, will convert sucrose to invert sugar which again makes your sugar stock more pliable and easier to work.

Ultratex is a thickener agent for use in both hot and cold applications. It is an easy to use, versatile, gluten-free product.

Gelatine and pectin are gelling agents and stabilisers used to give food a gelatinous texture. In confectionery, they are essential ingredients in products such as fruit jellies to make them cuttable.


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SCA102Sorbitol 70% Liquid (LGK)Non-Crystallising, EP/BP/USP/E420(ii)25kg drum31£72.05
SCA103PSorbitol 70% Liquid (LGK)Non-Crystallising, EP/BP/USP/E420(ii)6kg pack16£19.48
SCA104PSorbitol 70% Liquid (LGK)Non-Crystallising, EP/BP/USP/E420(ii)1.3kg pack18£4.95
Invert Sugar and Invertin
SCA106Invertin Humectant1l bottle4£45.29
SCA107Invert Sugar; Paste Form7kg pail51£9.68
Glucose Syrup
SCA118Belgosuc Confectionery; Firm Glucose Syrupwith 38 Dextrose Equivalent15kg tub45£20.15
SCA119Belgosuc Confectionery; Firm Glucose Syrupwith 38 Dextrose Equivalent1kg tub64£1.72
Panela Powder
SCC934CasaLuker Cacao; Panela PowderSugar1kg bag-£3.57
SCA127Isomalt; 25kg25kg bagTo Order Only£215.04
SCA128Isomalt; 5kg5kg bag4£49.22
SCA129Isomalt; 1kg1kg bag1£10.69
Tartaric Acid
SCA134Tartaric Acid; 500g500g3£15.00
SCA136Ultratex; 500g500g-£23.08
Gelatin and Pectin
SCA132Pectin; 200g200g1£11.53
SCA140Leaf GelatineGold gelatine; Jelly strength 185-230g Bloom1kg box5£32.69
SCA145Powdered Gelatine3kg box1£51.56