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Truffle Powders

These non-AZO coloured powders are ideal for rolling or dusting truffles, giving an amazing array of colours and creating a real point of difference. Take a look at our sparkling powders, too, for extra wow factor!

They are maize and cocoa-based - please see specs for individual product ingredients - and one 1.5kg tub will coat approximately 4000 truffles.


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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
Due In
SCC823Green Truffle Powder1.5kgTo Order Only£116.95
SCC823AGreen Truffle Powder200g1£16.15
SCC824Yellow Truffle Powder1.5kgTo Order Only£76.27
SCC824AYellow Truffle Powder200g19£11.22
SCC824PYellow Truffle Powder150g12£8.22
SCC825Lilac Truffle Powder1.5kgTo Order Only£101.69
SCC825ALilac Truffle Powder200g9£13.65
SCC826Pink Truffle Powder1.5kgTo Order Only£76.27
SCC826APink Truffle Powder200g9£10.57
SCC826PPink Truffle Powder150g10£8.22
SCC827Spirulina Blue Truffle Powder1.5kgTo Order Only£116.95
SCC827ASpirulina Blue Truffle Powder200g9£15.96
SCC828Brown Sparkling Powder1.5kgTo Order Only£40.67
SCC828ABrown Sparkling Truffle Powder200g15£6.21
SCC828PBrown Sparkling Powder150g4£4.66
SCC829Gold Sparkling Powder1.5kgTo Order Only£61.01
SCC829AGold Sparkling Truffle Powder200g8£9.00
SCC830Silver Sparkling Powder1.5kgTo Order Only£76.27
SCC830ASilver Sparkling Truffle Powder200g12£10.44
SCC831Green Sparkling Powder1.5kgTo Order Only£116.95
SCC831AGreen Sparkling Truffle Powder200g19£17.10