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Kraft Paper Backed Bags

These are hard-bottomed polypropylene bags which have then been backed with kraft paper in an attractive range of colours and are available in two sizes.

For that finishing touch, we have an extensive selection of raffia ribbons and raffia style pull-bows which will also add to their rustic charm.


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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
Due In
SPT3914Polypropylene Satchel; Green Kraft Paper back100x220mmBox of 10014.99£13.02
SPT3915Polypropylene Satchel; Green Kraft Paper back120x260mmBox of 1009.99£15.49
SPT3916Polyprop Satchel; Orange Kraft Paper back100x220mmBox of 10012.99£13.02
SPT3917Polyprop Satchel; Orange Kraft Paper back120x260mmBox of 10015.99£15.49
SPT3924Polyprop Satchel; Neutral Kraft Paper back100x220mmBox of 10087.91£13.02
SPT3925Polyprop Satchel; Neutral Kraft Paper back120x260mmBox of 10032.96£15.49
SPT3928Polyprop Satchel; Mulberry Kraft Paper back100x220mmBox of 10025.97£13.02
SPT3929Polyprop Satchel; Mulberry Kraft Paper back120x260mmBox of 1005.99£15.49
SPT3932Polyprop Satchel; Chocolate Kraft Paper back100x220mmBox of 10053.97£13.02
SPT3933Polyprop Satchel; Chocolate Kraft Paper back120x260mmBox of 10017.94£15.49
SPT3937Polypropylene Satchel; Red Kraft Paper back100x220mmBox of 10019.99£13.02
SPT3938Polypropylene Satchel; Red Kraft Paper back120x260mmBox of 10017£15.49
SPT3942Polyprop Satchel; Framboise Kraft Paper back100x220mm; Inside Back White w Framboise DotsBox of 1006£13.02
SPT3943Polyprop Satchel; Framboise Kraft Paper back120x260mm; Inside Back White w Framboise DotsBox of 1008£15.49
SPT4160Polypropylene Satchel; Black Kraft Paper back100x220mmBox of 10014.88£13.02
SPT4161Polypropylene Satchel; Black Kraft Paper back120x260mmBox of 10025.99£15.49
SPT4326Polyprop Satchel; Brown Polka Dot Kraft back100x220mmBox of 10016.98£13.02