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Nut Products

Nut products are ideal for flavouring or decorating fillings, ganaches, ice cream, patisserie and chocolates.

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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
Due In
SCN232Chopped Roasted & Caramelised PistachiosPistachios 37%; Sugar 63%1kg bag27/06/17£19.63
SCN233Chopped Roasted & Caramelised AlmondsAlmonds 37% Sugar 63%1kg bag21£14.08
SCN234CCaramelised Nibbed HazelnutsTub; Hazels 37% Sugar 63% Fat 22.3%1kg bag28£11.73
SCN235BCaramelised Nibbed Hazelnuts; BRES-712Tub; Hazels 37% Sugar 63% Fat 22.3%5kg bag27/06/17£55.33
SCN239Roasted Nibbed HazelnutsHazels 100% Fat 62.3%1kg bag11£23.30
Cacao Barry
SCM158APraline Grains;Chopped & Caramelised HazelnutHazels 50%, Sugar 50%1kg bag17£13.84
SCN240Whole Caramelised HazelnutsHazelnuts Morella 70%; Sugar 30%1kg bag9£18.92
SCN242Whole Caramelised AlmondsAlmonds Marcona 70%; Sugar 30%1kg bag6£30.73
SCN244Whole Caramelised PistachiosPistachio La Mancha 70%; Sugar 30%1kg bag11£33.49
SCN110Almond Pins100% Almonds6.25kg box30£62.44
SCN110PAlmond Pins100% Almonds500g tub27£6.44
SCN120PAlmonds; Chopped100% Almonds500g tub-£6.23
SCN162Kessko Organic Almonds; Pins100% Almonds6.25kg boxTo Order Only£122.99
SCN170Pistachios; Peeled; Green100% Pistachios1.5kg tub1£108.56
SCN170PPistachios; Peeled; GreenBest before 27 July 2017250g tub-£13.33
SCN180Broken Walnut Kernels; Roasted; Caramelised80% Walnuts; 18% Sugar1.5kg tin1£34.21
SCN180ABroken Walnut Kernels; Roasted; Caramelised500g tub2£11.39
SCN190AHalf Walnut Kernels100% Walnuts1.7kg tin-£48.98
SCN202PHazelnuts; Chopped; 7% Roasted100% Hazelnuts500g tub75£8.41
SCN204Hazelnuts; Whole; Brown100% Hazelnuts6.25kg box1£76.18
SCN204PHazelnuts; Whole; Brown100% Hazelnuts500g tub12£7.14
SCN230Hazel Fine Grit (Semolina)100% Hazelnut Kernels6.25kg box1£82.18
SCN250APistachios; Whole; Shelled; Unpeeled100% Pistachios1kg bag2£30.41
SCN252AAlmonds; Whole; Roasted; Shelled100% Almonds1kg bag-£11.95
SCN255APeanuts; Roasted; Blanched; Nibbed100% Peanut; 2-6mm1kg bag19£3.37
SCN256APecan Nut Pieces100% Pecans; 10-15mm1kg bag-£14.12
SCN260AMacadamia Nuts; Halves; Blanched100% Macadamias1kg bag5£19.80
SCN264ACoconut; Medium; Desiccated99.995% Coconut; 0.005% E220; 1-4mm1kg bag-£4.22
SCN266AGround Almonds; Blanched100% Almonds; 2-4mm1kg bag11£13.18
SCN268Whole Roasted Hazelnuts100% Hazelnuts1kg box-£22.54