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Easter Bags

Don't let Easter catch you on the hop! Ideal for mini eggs, chocolates and even an occasional bunny, these hard-bottomed bags could be exactly what you are looking for!


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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
Due In
SPT4166Polypropylene Satchel; Funky Moustaches120x260mmBox of 1004£12.10
SPT4168Polypropylene Satchel; Easter Hunt100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 100-£11.42
SPT4169Polypropylene Satchel; Easter Hunt120x260mm; 35 micronBox of 10012.00£12.66
SPT4213Polypropylene Satchel; Easter Hens100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 1001.99£11.42
SPT4214Polypropylene Satchel; Easter Hens120x260mm; 35 micronBox of 1002.99£12.66
SPT4217Polypropylene Satchel; Malibu100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 1006.99£11.42
SPT4218Polypropylene Satchel; Malibu120x260mm; 35 micronBox of 1008£12.66
SPT4234Polypropylene Satchel; Easter Chickens120x260mm; 35 micronBox of 1002£13.13
SPT4235Polypropylene Satchel; Easter Chickens140x305mm; 35 micronBox of 1002£14.75
SPT4247Polypropylene Satchel; Happy Easter Eggs100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 10015£11.42