Chocolate Compound Coatings

Our range of chocolate compound coatings are a fantastic alternative to couverture chocolate, ideal for when you don’t want to temper, but you do want that luxurious chocolate taste. Perfect for bakery and ice cream applications, whether you’re dipping, enrobing, coating or drizzling. Coatings harden to a satin gloss finish with a firm snap, but without the need to temper.  

Made from cocoa powder, sugar and fat, with no cocoa butter, chocolate compound coatings are popular with many confectioners and bakers for their robust cocoa flavour and sweetness, as well as their workability and attractive price point.  

Offering reliable, consistent results and a range of flavours, dark, milk and white compound coatings are an essential item in every chocolatier’s kitchen for their quality and versatility! 

Not sure which product is best for your application? Chat to our friendly team who will be happy to help! 

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Keylink Essentials

Dark Compound Coating



Dark in both flavour and finish, this compound coating is perfect for enticing those customers looking for treats with a...

In-stock: 96

£53.10 12kg bag

Keylink Essentials

Premium Dark Compound Coating



With a classic dark chocolate flavour, this premium dark compound coating is ideal for bakers in need of a coa...

In-stock: 98

£62.22 12kg bag

Keylink Essentials

Pistachio Compound Coating



A fantastic pistachio flavoured compound coating made with real pistachios. This versatile coating offers an a...

In-stock: 44

£34.72 5kg bag

Keylink Essentials

Lemon Compound Coating



With a mouthwatering lemon curd-like flavour, our lemon coating offers all the benefits of a traditional compound coatin...

In-stock: 46

£22.46 5kg bag

Keylink Essentials

Milk Compound Coating



With a strong cocoa flavour, this milk compound coating can be melted to be used for dipping, drizzling or enrobing...

In-stock: 93

£46.05 12kg bag

Keylink Essentials

Premium Milk Compound Coating



For those traybakes and tarts that require something a little extra special… this premium milk compound coating a...

In-stock: 99

£56.71 12kg bag

Keylink Essentials

White Compound Coating



This white compound coating is a perfect everyday option for your pastries, tarts and cookie pies in need of an indulgen...

In-stock: 91

£47.27 12kg bag


Callebaut Dark Compound Coating

Easymelt Chips; Minimum Cocoa Solids 15%

SCC1622B (previously SCC622B)

Dark and decadent  Ideal for coating or covering, this coating tastes, looks and tastes like extra dark chocolate,...

In-stock: 3

£153.70 20kg bag

Barry Callebaut

Callebaut Dark Compound Coating; Non-Hydrogenated Fat

Easymelt Chips; Minimum Cocoa Solids 12%

SCC1503 (previously SCC503)

Classic dark flavour Sure to be an all-round crowd pleaser, this dark coating offers a smooth melt and is perfect for e...

In-stock: 4

£77.22 10kg bag

Barry Callebaut

Callebaut Milk Coating; Non-Hydrogenated Fat

Easymelt Chips; Minimum Cocoa Solids 2.5%

SCC1531 (previously SCC531)

Classic milk chocolate flavour This coating offers a traditional milk chocolate flavour everyone knows and loves, and i...

In-stock: 23

£82.09 10kg bag

Barry Callebaut

Callebaut Milk Compound Coating

Easymelt Chips; Minimum Cocoa Solids 3%

SCC1646 (previously SCC646)

A traditional milk chocolate profile A fantastic option for bakers in need of a coating that has the classic milk choco...

In-stock: 8

£82.23 10kg box

Barry Callebaut

Callebaut White Coating; Non-Hydrogenated Fat

Easymelt Chips

SCC1549 (previously SCC549)

White chocolate flavour profile This non-hydrogenated coating is a wonderful way to add that classic white chocolate fl...

In-stock: 18

£65.63 10kg box