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Magnetic Chocolate Moulds

These two-part magnetic polycarbonate moulds are available in an attractive range of sizes and shapes to enable you to produce decorative and personalised chocolates quickly and easily with the transfer sheet of your choice.

Please note that these moulds are subject to VAT.


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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
Due In
SMP9000Magnetic Praline Mould; Oval35x24x17mm; 13g; 18 per mouldeach3£43.43
SMP9002Magnetic Praline Mould; Water Drop37x25x16mm; 12g; 18 per mouldeach3£43.43
SMP9010Magnetic Praline Mould; Square24x24x14mm; 9.5g; 24 per mouldeach3£43.43
SMP9012Magnetic Praline Mould; Rectangle32x24x11mm; 9.1g; 18 per mouldeach9£43.43
SMP9014Magnetic Praline Mould; Heart30x32x15mm; 11g; 18 per mouldeach2£43.43
SMP9016Magnetic Mould; Finger Bar48x12mm; 5.4g; 16 per mouldeach1£43.43
SMP9018Magnetic Mould; Business Card85x55x6mm; 32g; 4 per mouldeach4£43.43
SMP9030Magnetic Mould; Round32mm dia x 7.5mm high; 7.2g; 18 per Mouldeach2£43.43
SMP9031Magnetic Mould; Stars8.4g; 18 per mould; 36x36x15mmeach1£47.91
SMP9032Magnetic Mould; Hexagons7g; 24 per mould; 27x23.5x12mmeach1£47.91
SMP9033Magnetic Praline Mould; Sliced Triangleeach5£43.43
SMP9034Magnetic Praline Mould; Stripeseach5£43.43