Airbrush Spray Guns

Our chocolate spray guns are ideal for decorating moulds and spraying designs directly onto tempered, still wet chocolate. Choose from our 0.5mm and 0.6mm, gravity fed, dual action airbrushes and decorate your chocolate creations with coloured cocoa butter to your heart’s content. Use with our automatic twin piston airbrush compressor for a smooth and consistent airflow, making airbrushing your chocolate moulds a breeze! 

With a 2.5l air tank, the compressor allows for 60 minutes’ continuous use, so you can spray as many moulds as you need to. Simply change colours by emptying the holding tank, refilling with your new colour and spraying onto kitchen towel until the new colour comes through. Both the airbrush spray gun and cocoa butter must be warm before and during use, so it’s best to place them in a heated cupboard or empty chocolate melter in advance and use a hairdryer to warm them frequently while you’re working. 

These chocolate airbrushes come with a choice of nozzles for precision work, allowing you to create eye-catching designs that will wow your customers every time.  

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XL2000 Double Action Airbrush

0.6mm Nozzle; for Cocoa Butter colours


For use with our airbrush compressor. One of the most versatile double action airbrushes on the market. Comes wit...

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£166.49 each

GP-850 Spray Gun For Cocoa Butter

0.5mm Nozzle; 125cc Cup; Dual Action


For use with airbrush compressor. The GP-850 is a gravity fed, pistol grip airbrush with continuous double action, a lar...

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£158.81 each

Sparmax TC-620X Airbrush Compressor

For use with SEA146 and SEA147


This compressor works with our airbrushes The Sparmax TC-620X Airbrush Compressor is compatible with both of our a...

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£398.67 each