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XL2000 Double Action Airbrush

0.6mm Nozzle; for Cocoa Butter colours


For use with airbrush compressor. One of the most versatile double action airbrushes. Comes with the following:- 7ml gr...

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£122.25 each

GP-850 Spray Gun; For Cocoa Butter

0.5mm Nozzle; 125cc Cup; Dual Action


The GP-850 is a gravity fed, pistol grip airbrush with continuous double action, a large 0.5mm nozzle, removable 125ml c...

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£116.92 each

TC5000 Airbrush Compressor

1.2cfm; Ideal for SEA147


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£263.12 each

Complete Airbrush Kit


Suitable for Marzipan Colours only. Use the Complete Airbrush Kit with our water soluble powder colours to create your o...

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£168.63 each