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Stencil Mats

Stencil mats are used to create your own chocolate plaquettes and are available in a variety of shapes. By changing the transfer sheet used with the stencil mat, you can create decorative plaquettes with a different design every time!


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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
Due In
SMD600Stencil Mat 005; 40mm Round35 prints per mateach2£17.87
SMD602Stencil Mat 006; 30mm Round63 prints per mateach5£17.87
SMD604Stencil Mat 017; 25mm Round70 prints per mateach-£17.87
SMD610Stencil Mat 089; 20 x 20mm Square108 prints per mateach2£17.87
SMD611Stencil Mat 055; 25 x 25mm Square70 prints per mateach2£17.87
SMD612Stencil Mat 072; 30 x 30mm Square63 prints per mateach6£17.87
SMD620Stencil Mat 008; 40 x 24mm Oval56 prints per mateach2£17.87
SMD622Stencil Mat 037; 27mm x 18mm Oval100 prints per mateach3£17.87
SMD630Stencil Mat 029; 30mm x 35mm Heart56 prints per mateach2£17.87
SMD640Stencil Mat 059; 40mm x 20mm Rectangle55 prints per mateach2£17.87
SMD641Stencil Mat: Buche Stars 180x278mm18 prints per matPack of 22£35.74
XMD600Stencil Mat 112; For B02572H8each1£23.99