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Lollipop Moulds and Accessories

These two-part polycarbonate magnetic lollipop moulds make it 'childs play' to produce decorative and personalised lollipops by using the transfer sheet of your choice.

Lollipop sticks, lollipop bags and display stands are also available for presentation.

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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
Due In
SPM5000Chocolate Lollipop Sticks (White Paper)104mm long, 3.8mm diameterBox of 500104.36£10.55
SMF2457Chocolate Lollipop Sticks (White Paper)160mm long; 4mm diaPack of10012£14.58
SMF2457AChocolate Lollipop Sticks (White Paper)160mm long; 4mm diaPackof100013£89.36
SMF2459Chocolate Lollipop Sticks (White Paper)98mm long; 3.8mm diaPack of10014£7.34
SMF2459AChocolate Lollipop Sticks (White Paper)98mm long; 3.8mm diaPackof100018£46.12
Cacao Barry Decor
SMF5962ACacao Barry Lollipop SticksL 97mm; 4mm dia (For SMF5964)Pack 4009£10.20
SMP9020AMagnetic Mould; Round Lollipop59mm dia x 7.2mm high; 23g; 5 per mouldeach5£44.97
SMP9022AMagnetic Mould; Heart Lollipop63mm x 62mm x 7.2mm high; 25g; 5 per mouldeach3£44.97