Popping Candy

What is popping candy? Popping candy is a confection made by adding pressurised carbon dioxide to crystallised sugar. The bubbles escape when the sugar dissolves on your tongue, giving that well-known and much-loved fizzy feeling. Give your customers a taste of fizz, crackle and pop with our fun range of popping candy! Popping candy is a really POPular (geddit) addition to chocolate bars, especially when combined with other inclusions, like dried fruit, marshmallows and biscuit. Use cocoa butter coated popping candy for a perfect pop when adding to recipes with less than 3% moisture. 

Our vegan popping candy is uncoated, so best for use in fat-based products, such as chocolate, or sprinkled on desserts just before serving. Milk chocolate coated popping candy is brilliant as a decoration on top of cupcakes, brownies and even ice cream! Perfect for bakers and patisserie chefs looking for new, fun and contemporary ways to dress and decorate pastries, cakes and desserts. 

Why not sprinkle a handful of popping candy on top of your hot chocolates this Autumn/Winter? Or take a look at our collection of toffee, caramel, nougat and fudge inclusions for a chewy, salty or sweet addition to your bakes and bars! 

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Milk Chocolate Coated Popping Candy

Usage; Decoration


Chocolate coated popping candy is ideal for use as décor on cupcakes, brownies, ice cream and almost anything els...

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