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Cartons & Bases (Clear)

This style of packaging is ideal when you want to really show off your product to maximum effect! We can also supply platform bases for some of the sizes as well as base cards in our range of 18 Cosmopolitan colours cut to size. These serve the dual purpose of strengthening the base as well as providing a colourful backdrop to your product. For card cut to size, please contact us for prices on 0114 245 5400.

All the cartons are supplied flat-packed and cartons with a four flap base require simple assembly, whilst those with a crashlock base just snap into shape very easily.



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Due In
Transparent Cartons - Four Flap Bases
Four flaps interlock to form the base.
SPT1000Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)50x50x80mmBox of 20018.75£30.12
SPT1002Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)50x50x105mmBox of 2002.91£34.42
SPT1004Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)50x50x115mmBox of 2006.00£34.42
SPT1014Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)70x70x100mmBox of 2005£43.03
SPT1022Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)80x80x60mmBox of 2006£40.88
SPT1024Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)80x80x90mmBox of 2005.90£45.18
SPT1029Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)80x80x130mmBox of 2002.96£47.33
SPT1033Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)80x80x150mmBox of 2002.96£47.33
SPT1036Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)80x80x180mmBox of 20010.98£53.78
SPT1040Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)80x80x200mmBox of 2003.98£58.09
SPT1045Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)90x90x120mmBox of 2004.00£49.48
SPT1052Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)90x90x180mmBox of 2003.00£60.24
SPT1058Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)100x100x80mmBox of 2005.04£47.33
SPT1065Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)100x100x120mmBox of 2005£53.78
SPT1069Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)100x100x140mmBox of 2005£58.09
SPT1073Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)100x100x160mmBox of 20011.89£62.39
SPT1073PAFolding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)100x100x160mmBox of 1031.90£4.20
SPT1077Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)100x100x190mmBox of 2006.93£70.99
SPT1081Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)100x100x220mmBox of 2002.97£77.45
SPT1099Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)120x120x68mmBox of 2005.89£55.93
SPT1103Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)120x120x80mmBox of 2002£58.09
SPT1107Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)120x120x100mmBox of 2002£64.54
SPT1115Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)120x120x150mmBox of 2002.97£77.45
SPT1118Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)120x120x190mmBox of 2004.81£88.20
SPT1118PFolding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)120x120x190mmBox of 2031£9.90
SPT1120Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)120x120x240mmBox of 2001.00£101.11
SPT1135Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)130x130x150mmBox of 2002.00£86.05
SPT1138Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)130x130x200mmBox of 2008.92£98.96
SPT1142Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)140x140x80mmBox of 2003.00£77.45
SPT1144Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)140x140x110mmBox of 2001£81.75
SPT2710Folding PET Carton (4-Flap Base)145x122x207mm; For Mould SMF5870Box of 5011£53.64
SPT2710PFolding PET Carton (4-Flap Base)145x122x207mm; For Mould SMF5870Box of 105.98£11.55
SPT1152Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)150x90x80mmBox of 2001£62.39
SPT2711Folding PET Carton (4-Flap Base)150x135x207mm; For Mould SMF5875Box of 5012.98£59.86
SPT2711PFolding PET Carton (4-Flap Base)150x135x207mm; For Mould SMF5875Box of 105£12.80
SPT1155Folding PVC Carton (4 Flap base)150x150x100mmBox of 10011.99£45.18
SPT1172Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)180x90x80mmBox of 2008.96£77.45
SPT1174Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)180x180x150mmBox of 1002.94£75.30
SPT1178Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)180x180x200mmBox of 1000.97£83.90
SPT1180Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)180x180x250mmBox of 1003.96£93.58
SPT1186AFolding PVC Carton (Clip Base)210x210x150mmBox of 501£54.86
SPT1190Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)210x210x200mmBox of 501.98£58.62
SPT1194AFolding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)210x210x250mmBox of 503£65.08
SPT1202AFolding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)223x120x120mmBox of 1002£62.39
SPT1208Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)250x250x70mmBox of 501.86£51.09
SPT1210Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)250x250x130mmBox of 503£65.62
SPT1212Folding PVC Carton (4-Flap Base)250x250x150mmBox of 503.92£88.74
SPT1737Folding PVC Cube (4-Flap Base)90mm squareBox of 2005£45.18
SPT1747Folding PVC Cube (4-Flap Base)100mm squareBox of 2009£49.48
SPT1757Folding PVC Cube (4-Flap Base)120mm squareBox of 2002.13£70.99
SPT1757PFolding PVC Cube (4-Flap Base)120mm squareBox of 505£17.75
SPT1765Folding PVC Cube (4-Flap Base)150mm squareBox of 1005.97£53.78
SPT1765PFolding PVC Cube (4-Flap Base)150mm squareBox of 502£26.89
SPT1770Folding PVC Cube (4-Flap Base)250mm squareBox of 503.98£101.65
SPT1900Folding PET Flat Square Box57x57x19mm Supplied with Gold Board BottomBox of 2003.55£50.30
SPT1902Folding PET Flat Rectangular Box110x57x19mmBox of 2004.67£67.07
Transparent Cartons - Crashlock Bases
Crashlock base snaps into place.
SPT1011Folding PVC Carton (Quicklock Base)60x60x120mmBox of 2005.95£40.88
SPT1016Folding PVC Carton (Quicklock Base)70x70x140mmBox of 2001.00£43.03
SPT1027Folding PVC Carton (Quicklock Base)80x80x110mmBox of 2003.00£45.18
SPT1028Folding PVC Carton (Quicklock Base)80x80x130mmBox of 2001.00£49.48
SPT1032Folding PVC Carton (Quicklock Base)80x80x150mmBox of 2003£49.48
SPT1048Folding PVC Carton (Quicklock Base)90x90x140mmBox of 2004.99£55.93
SPT1064Folding PVC Carton (Quicklock Base)100x100x120mmBox of 2003£55.93
SPT1068Folding PVC Carton (Quicklock Base)100x100x140mmBox of 20015.00£60.24
SPT1072Folding PVC Carton (Quicklock Base)100x100x160mmBox of 20011.79£68.84
SPT1072PAFolding PVC Carton (Quicklock Base)100x100x160mmBox of 1054.99£4.52
SPT1076Folding PVC Carton (Quicklock Base)100x100x190mmBox of 2002£73.15
SPT1080Folding PVC Carton (Quicklock Base)100x100x220mmBox of 2003£79.60
SPT1092Folding PVC Carton (Quicklock Base)120x90x80mmBox of 2003.98£53.78
SPT1102Folding PVC Carton (Quicklock Base)120x120x80mmBox of 2001.90£60.24
SPT1106Folding PVC Carton (Quicklock Base)120x120x100mmBox of 2005£68.84
SPT1114Folding PVC Carton (Quicklock Base)120x120x150mmBox of 2002£79.60
SPT1119Folding PVC Carton (Quicklock Base)120x120x190mmBox of 2004£92.51
SPT1119PFolding PVC Carton (Quicklock Base)120x120x190mmBox of 2023.71£10.33
SPT1130Folding PVC Carton (Quicklock Base)130x130x120mmBox of 2002£81.75
SPT1134Folding PVC Carton (Quicklock Base)130x130x150mmBox of 2003.00£90.36
SPT1718Folding PVC Cube (Quicklock Base)60mm squareBox of 20012.94£36.57
SPT1725Folding PET Cube (Quicklock Base)65mm; Supplied with Gold Board Bottom InsertBox of 2000.93£128.55
SPT1730Folding PET Cube (Quicklock Base)75mm; Supplied with Gold Board Bottom InsertBox of 2002.95£156.50
SPT1735Folding PVC Cube (Quicklock Base)90mm squareBox of 2009£47.33
SPT1745Folding PVC Cube (Quicklock Base)100mm squareBox of 2008.95£53.78
SPT1755Folding PVC Cube (Quicklock Base)120mm squareBox of 2008.93£73.15
Raised Platform Bases
Enhance the presentation of your product with a die-cut raised platform base, available in sizes to fit many of the PVC/PET cartons. Alternatively, flat card bases can be cut to any size - call us on 0114 245 5400 for prices.
SPT5014Raised/Platform Style Square Bottom80x80x12mm; Gold (Not Foiled)Box of 20011.00£12.91
SPT5036Raised/Platform Style Square Bottom100x100x12mm; Gold (Not Foiled)Box of 2004.90£17.21
SPT5050Raised/Platform Style Square Bottom120x120x12mm; Gold (Not Foiled)Box of 2005.88£19.36
SPT5058Raised/Platform Style Square Bottom130x130x12mm; Gold (Not Foiled)Box of 2002£21.51
SPT5062Raised/Platform Style Square Bottom130x130x12mm; Navy VelourBox of 2001.99£19.36
SPT5070Raised/Platform Style Square Bottom140x140x12mm; Navy VelourBox of 2000.95£19.36
SPT5080Raised/Platform Style Square Bottom150x150x12mm; Gold (not Foiled)Box of 1009.95£11.83
SPT5080PRaised/Platform Style Square Bottom150x150x12mm; Gold (not Foiled)Pack of 1020£1.41
SPT5092Raised/Platform Style Rectangular Bottom180x90x12mm; Brown VelourBox of 2000.49£14.21
SPT5094Raised/Platform Style Square Bottom180x180x12mm; Navy VelourBox of 1000.99£15.06
SPT5098Raised/Platform Style Square Bottom180x180x12mm; GoldBox of 1002.99£16.13
SPT5102Raised/Platform Style Square Bottom210x210x12mm; Navy VelourBox of 500.96£10.22
Transparent Cartons for Cupcakes or Patisserie
Present your cupcakes, patisserie and chocolate figures in style with these folding cartons. Optional platform bases complete your presentation and secure carry handles ensure these boxes are easy to transport for your customers.
SPT1800Folding PVC Carrier (4-Flap Base)90x90x100mmBox of 1004.94£34.42
SPT1800PFolding PVC Carrier (4-Flap Base)90x90x100mmBox of 2010£7.62
SPT1801Folding PVC Carrier (4-Flap Base)180x90x100mmBox of 10011.93£49.48
SPT1801PFolding PVC Carrier (4-Flap Base)180x90x100mmBox of 205£10.63
SPT5120Platform Base with Cut-Out for Cupcakes90x90x15mm; Gold (To take 60mm dia cupcake)Box of 1002£7.53
SPT5120PPlatform Base with Cut-Out for Cupcakes90x90x15mm; Gold (To take 60mm dia cupcake)Box of 202£2.02
SPT5121Platform Base; Gold90x90x15mmBox of 2005.00£15.06
SPT5121PPlatform Base; Gold90x90x15mmBox of 2010£2.02
SPT5122Platform Base with Two Cut-Outs for Cupcakes180x90x15mm; Gold (To take 60mm dia cupcake)Box of 1001£11.83
SPT5122PPlatform Base with Two Cut-Outs for Cupcakes180x90x15mm; Gold (To take 60mm dia cupcake)Box of 205£2.88
SPT5123Platform Base; Gold180x90x15mmBox of 1003£11.83
SPT5123PPlatform Base; Gold180x90x15mmBox of 204£2.88