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Nut products are ideal for flavouring fillings, ganaches, ice cream, patisserie and chocolates or for use as a crunchy and healthy decoration. Please note that some of these products are subject to VAT.

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Lubeca Slivered Almonds

100% Almonds


100% slivered almonds, ideal for sprinkling on top of chocolate bars and desserts, using in ice cream or in savoury dish...

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£10.31 1kg
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Lubeca Sliced Almonds; Blanched

100% Almonds


Lubeca, sliced, blanched almonds add texture to chocolate bars and ice cream, and can be used to decorate desserts and p...

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£10.15 1kg


Caramelised Nibbed Hazelnuts; BRES

Tub; Hazels 37% Sugar 63% Fat 22.3%


(Callebaut Code: NAN-CR-HA3714-U11)   Caramelised and medium roasted hazelnut pieces. Ideal for rolling truffles i...

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£15.77 1kg bag

Cacao Barry

Morella Origin Whole Caramelised Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts 70%; Sugar 30%


70% Origin Morella whole caramelised hazelnuts, carefully selected in the region of Tarragona, Spain. Ideal for adding t...

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£25.38 1kg bag


Broken Walnut Kernels; Roasted; Caramelised

80% Walnuts; 18% Sugar


Roasted, caramelised broken walnut kernels are great for use on chocolate bars, as a decoration on chocolates, in cereal...

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£38.42 1.5kg tin


Pistachios; Whole; Shelled; Unpeeled

100% Pistachios


Pistachios are perfect for use in and on chocolate, in cereal bars, and for serving with desserts and ice cream.

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£23.96 1kg bag


Coconut; Medium; Desiccated

99.995% Coconut; 0.005% E220; 1-4mm


Desiccated coconut can be used in or on chocolate, in ice cream, desserts, or in savoury cooking.

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£4.56 1kg bag