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Novelty Clear Boxes and Pouches

Our transparent novelty boxes are suitable for a variety of uses from sugared almonds to soaps and chocolates to confetti.

Please note that the transparent PVC pouches are measured flat but create an elliptical shape when assembled.


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Folding Novelty Clear Boxes
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SPT1685Folding PVC Cube with Heart Closure38x38x26mmBox of 2006.78£23.66
SPT2718Folding PET Butterfly Box65x35x35mm; Gold PrintBox of 2002.00£87.57
SPT2764PVC Maxi Chests (Quicklock Base)70x45x52mm; PlainBox of 2005.92£43.03
SPT2766PVC Maxi Chests (Quicklock Base)100x70x75mm; PlainBox of 2001.85£68.84
SPT3162PVC Cornets, Clover Top40x40x150mmBox of 2004.81£43.03
SPT1074PPVC carton with gable top & 4 holes (4-Flap)191x89x165mm; 240 micron FBB; gold base cardBox of 5013.76 £43.49
SPT4052APET Satchel (4-Flap Base)90x45x130mm; PlainBox of 1006.96£35.40
SPT8004ABacking Cards for Satchel SPT4052A; GoldPlatform Style Base; Metallic LinedBox of 10015.17£10.84
Folding Novelty Clear Pouches
Transparent pouches are ideal for anything from chocolate hearts and sugared almonds to jewellery and even lingerie! Please note that the pouches are measured flat.
SPT3002Transparent PVC Pouch50x50x20mm; PlainBox of 2004.76£19.36
SPT3004Transparent PVC Pouch60x60x22mm; PlainBox of 20019.93£19.36
SPT3006Transparent PVC Pouch85x85x30mm; PlainBox of 2004.90£25.82
SPT3008Transparent PVC Pouch100x70x25mm; PlainBox of 20017£27.97
SPT3010Transparent PVC Pouch100x100x35mm; PlainBox of 2002.91£34.42
SPT3012Transparent PVC Pouch120x85x30mm; PlainBox of 2006.94£34.42
SPT3014Transparent PVC Pouch120x110x37mm; PlainBox of 2002.00£38.72
SPT3016Transparent PVC Pouch130x100x35mm; PlainBox of 2002£40.88
SPT3020Transparent PVC Pouch160x85x30mm; PlainBox of 2003.99£38.72
SPT3022Transparent PVC Pouch160x110x40mm; PlainBox of 2003£43.03
SPT3024Transparent PVC Pouch170x100x35mm; PlainBox of 2003£43.03
SPT3026Transparent PVC Pouch175x135x50mm; PlainBox of 2002£49.48
SPT3028Transparent PVC Pouch200x110x37mm; PlainBox of 2001.99£47.33
SPT3032Transparent PVC Pouch220x150x60mm; PlainBox of 2004£73.15
SPT3034Transparent PVC Pouch230x100x40mm; PlainBox of 2002£58.09
SPT3036Transparent PVC Pouch300x160x45mm; PlainBox of 2001.00£83.90
SPT3050Transparent PVC Pouch Tube100x38mm; PlainBox of 2003.93£21.51
SPT3052Transparent PVC Pouch Tube150x38mm; PlainBox of 2005.97£23.66