Coffee Flavoured Chocolate Beans

For the coffee and chocolate lovers, Veliche has created these deeply moreish, visually charming, coffee flavoured chocolate beans. Use to top coffee ganache or liqueur bonbons, decorate dark chocolate bars, or pop one on top of your favourite coffee and hot chocolate beverage

Crafted from solid chocolate and shaped like a genuine coffee bean, these fantastic little novelty chocolates would make a great point-of-sale item – simply bag up and sell, or use to elevate your chocolate bark by scattering over any leftover melted chocolate and waiting until it’s set to break up. Throw in a few nuts and cranberries, and you’ve got yourself a bestseller. Quick, eye-catching and delicious!  

Prefer a real coffee bean coated in delicious dark chocolate? Take a look at our range of chocolate novelties for more ready-made chocolate products to delight your customers! 

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Coffee Flavoured Dark Chocolate Beans

Mocha Beans


Solid dark chocolate coffee bean shapes flavoured with coffee. Bag them up to sell or use them to decorate chocolates, c...

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£15.00 1kg


Coffee Flavoured Milk Chocolate Beans

Mocha Beans


It’s like a mocha! With the flavour of a classic rich coffee mixed with milk chocolate, these milk chocolate bean...

In-stock: 138

£16.23 1kg