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Power Flowers™

Power Flowers™ is a modern and fun alternative to conventional colouring systems. Designed to be simple and easy to use, this revolutionary new colouring system enables you to create all the colours of the rainbow using the three primary colours red, blue and yellow, with the addition of white. Perfect to use in applications such as chocolate, pastries, ice cream, biscuits, caramels and much more!

Why not create a green chocolate bar with mint essential oil or maybe a white chocolate Limoncello praline that not only has the taste of Sicilian lemons but also has the bright sunshine look. Made solely from 60% tempered cocoa butter and 40% colourings, Power Flowers™ are available in AZO and non-AZO versions. (To review the AZO legislation and how it might affect you, see our Knowledge Bank article.)

Colour Master
You can create a full colour spectrum using the Colour Master Card. This is based on using 400g of white or milk chocolate in which you can achieve up to 78 colours based on non-AZO flowers and 66 colours based on AZO flowers.
You can scale up or down the quantities to suit your requirements.

Click to read more about Power Flowers™.

We have developed a Power Flowers™ Colour Concentration Calculator to help you check that your proposed use of colouring complies with current EU legislation.


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SCR330Power Flowers - AZO Red500g; E129500g tubTo Order Only£118.25
SCR331Power Flowers - AZO Yellow500g; E102500g tubTo Order Only£107.12
SCR332Power Flowers - Non-AZO White500g; E171500g tubTo Order Only£103.42
SCR333Power Flowers - Non-AZO Blue500g; E133500g tubTo Order Only£118.25
SCR334Power Flowers - Non-AZO Red500g; E120500g tubTo Order Only£136.77
SCR335Power Flowers - Non-AZO Yellow500g; E100500g tubTo Order Only£207.20
SCR336Power Flowers - Natural Spirulina (Blue)500g500g tubTo Order Only£296.09
SCR337Power Flowers - Natural Beetroot (Red)500g500g tubTo Order Only£118.25
SCR510Power Flowers - AZO Red50g; E12950g tub5£16.89
SCR511Power Flowers - AZO Yellow50g; E10250g tub6£15.30
SCR512Power Flowers - Non-AZO White50g; E17150g tub22£14.77
SCR513Power Flowers - Non-AZO Blue50g; E13350g tub9£16.89
SCR514Power Flowers - Non-AZO Red50g; E12050g tub13£19.55
SCR515Power Flowers - Non-AZO Yellow50g; E10050g tub19£29.61
SCR516Power Flowers - Discovery Box(4x50g); Non-AZOInc Colour Master Card; E171,E133,E120,E1001 box4£79.38
SCR517Power Flowers - Discovery Box (4x50g); AZOInc Colour Master Card; E171,E133,E129,E1021 box7£63.50
SCR518Power Flowers - Colour Master Card; AZO1 Card1 card2£13.23
SCR519Power Flowers - Colour Master Card; Non-AZO1 Card1 card2£13.23
SCR550Power Flowers - Natural Spirulina (Blue)50g50g tub7£37.03
SCR551Power Flowers - Natural Beetroot (Red)50g50g tub8£16.90