Hollow Chocolate Hearts

Our hollow chocolate heart cups allows you to create a unique range of truffles, bonbons and pralinés that will fly off the shelves each Valentine’s Day, and keep your customers coming back all year round. Fillable chocolate hearts are a classic and would fit into any chocolatier’s range. Simply fill with caramel, or a strawberry and Marc de Champagne ganache, cap and enrobe (if required), and your display cabinet will be full of tempting treats to capture any Cupid’s heart. 

Available in milk and white chocolate, these hollow chocolate heart shapes are made from high quality chocolate that will complement any filling. You could even decorate them with coloured cocoa butter or a seasonal transfer sheet, for a really captivating display. 

Looking for something else? Take a look at our other hollow chocolate shapes, or chat to one of our friendly team who’ll be happy to help you find what you need. 

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Milk Chocolate Heart Cups

Weight 3.7g, L 30mm, W 32mm, H 15mm


A chocolate cup after my own heart… The chocolate flavour known and loved world over makes this shell a superb s...

In-stock: 3

£56.94 Box of 648


White Chocolate Heart Cups

Weight 3.7g, L 30mm, W 32mm, H 15mm


The first cup is the deepest… White chocolate is a match made in heaven for decorating this shell with vibrant c...

In-stock: 44

£56.94 Box of 648