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Raffia Ribbons

The 7mm wide ribbons have a papery texture and is available in a range of both natural and vibrant colours to give a pleasing rustic effect to your packaging.

The 5mm wide ribbons from Bolis are waterproof, making them ideally suitable for use in floristry, and the vivid colors are sure to appeal to your discerning customers.


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Our range of Italian Packaging
SPM7470Raffia Ribbon; Orange100m reel; 7mm wide100m reel89£1.91
SPM7480Raffia Ribbon; Fuchsia100m reel; 7mm wide100m reel91£1.91
SPM7490Raffia Ribbon; Dark Red100m reel; 7mm wide100m reel106£1.91
SPM7540Raffia Ribbon; Coral Pink100m reel; 7mm wide100m reel69£1.91
SPM7550Raffia Ribbon; Pink100m reel; 7mm wide100m reel44£1.91
SPM7560Raffia Ribbon; Lilac100m reel; 7mm wide100m reel110£1.91
SPM7570Raffia Ribbon; Sky Blue100m reel; 7mm wide100m reel37£1.91
SPM7580Raffia Ribbon; Turquoise100m reel; 7mm wide100m reel48£1.91
SPM7590Raffia Ribbon; Apple Green100m reel; 7mm wide100m reel125£1.91
SPM7400Raffia Ribbon; Natural100m reel; 7mm wide100m reel121£1.91
SPM7410Raffia Ribbon; Beige100m reel; 7mm wide100m reel139£1.91
SPM7420Raffia Ribbon; Brown100m reel; 7mm wide100m reel28/02/18£1.91
SPM7430Raffia Ribbon; Bordeaux100m reel; 7mm wide100m reel64£1.91
SPM7440Raffia Ribbon; Navy Blue100m reel; 7mm wide100m reel54£1.91
SPM7450Raffia Ribbon; Gold100m reel; 7mm wide100m reel91£3.08
SPM7460Raffia Ribbon; Silver100m reel; 7mm wide100m reel117£3.08
SPM4370Raffia Ribbon; RedApprox 5mm wide; waterproof200m roll7£11.48
SPM4380Raffia Ribbon; Rustic OrangeApprox 5mm wide; waterproof200m roll36£11.48
SPM4390Raffia Ribbon; BurgundyApprox 5mm wide; waterproof200m roll15£11.48
SPM4400Raffia Ribbon; Light GreenApprox 5mm wide; waterproof200m roll20£11.48
SPM4410Raffia Ribbon; Dark GreenApprox 5mm wide; waterproof200m roll20£11.48
SPM4420Raffia Ribbon; YellowApprox 5mm wide; waterproof200m roll42£11.48
SPM4430Raffia Ribbon; NaturalApprox 5mm wide; waterproof200m roll24£11.48
SPM4440Raffia Ribbon; Cerise PinkApprox 5mm wide; waterproof200m roll11£11.48
SPM4520Raffia Ribbon; VioletApprox 5mm wide; waterproof200m roll17£11.48
SPM4530Raffia Ribbon; LavenderApprox 5mm wide; waterproof200m roll20£11.48