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Christmas Bags

Let our Christmas range of hard-bottomed bags add star appeal to your offerings! Ideal for chocolates, confectionery and even the occasional humbug!


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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
Due In
SPT3910Polypropylene Satchel; Galaxy/Stars Design100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 100304£10.30
SPT4278Polypropylene Satchel; Festive Christmas100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 1005.98£11.87
SPT4279Polypropylene Satchel; Festive Christmas120x260mm; 35 micronBox of 10012.00£13.13
SPT4367Polypropylene Satchel; Christmas Cupcakes120x260mm; 35 micronBox of 1002£13.13
SPT4373Polypropylene Satchel; Xmas Gift100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 100-£11.42
SPT4374Polypropylene Satchel; Xmas Gift120x260mm; 35 micronBox of 100-£12.66
SPT4375Polypropylene Satchel; Xmas Gift140x305mm; 35 micronBox of 1009£13.47
SPT4376Polypropylene Satchel; Green Christmas Trees100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 1006.99£11.42
SPT4377Polypropylene Satchel; Green Christmas Trees120x260mm; 35 micronBox of 1007£12.66
SPT4378Polypropylene Satchel; Christmas Baubles100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 1000.99£11.87
SPT4379Polypropylene Satchel; Christmas Baubles120x260mm; 35 micronBox of 1006.00£13.13
SPT4390Polypropylene Satchel; Santa Cheer100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 1009£11.42
SPT4391Polypropylene Satchel; Santa Cheer120x260mm; 35 micronBox of 10010£12.66
SPT4392Polypropylene Satchel; Xmas Character Baubles100x220mm; 35 micronBox of 1003£11.42
SPT4393Polypropylene Satchel; Xmas Character Baubles120x260mm; 35 micronBox of 10011£12.66