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Crystallised Flowers

These crystallised flowers and petals are made by sugar coating real flowers and petals and are a classic decoration for chocolates and cakes.

Please note that as supply of all these crystallised flowers and petals is heavily dependent on the size of the year's crop, they may not be available all year round.

Many of our crystallised flowers are now AZO-free in compliance with current legislation (EC 1333/2008). To review the legislation and how it might affect you, see our Knowledge Bank article.


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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
Due In
SDS750Violet Fragments; E120, E132Approx. 15000 Pieces per kg; Non-Azo1kg box26£34.16
SDS750PViolet Fragments; E120, E132Non-Azo250g tub6£9.71
SDS752Violet Petals; E120, E132Approx. 2800 Pieces per kg; Non-Azo1kg box42£49.96
SDS752PViolet Petals; E120, E132Non-Azo250g tub8£13.66
SDS754Whole Violets; E120, E132Approx. 500 Pieces per kg; Non-Azo1kg box7£50.28
SDS754PWhole Violets; E120, E132Non-Azo250g tub4£14.13
SDS776Violet Petal Fragments, Glazed FinishE120, E132; Non-Azo1kg box23£34.86
SDS776PViolet Petal Fragments, Glazed FinishE120, E132; Non-Azo250g tub4£9.88
SDS756Small Rose Petals; E120Approx. 2400 Pieces per kg; Non-Azo1kg box01/08/17£49.49
SDS756PSmall Rose Petals; E120Non-Azo250g tub-£13.54
SDS758Large Rose Petals; E120Approx 750 Pieces per kg; Non-Azo1kg box6£48.43
SDS758PLarge Rose Petals; E120Non-Azo250g tub10£13.67
SDS760AWhole Roses; E120Approx. 200 Pieces per kg; Non-Azo500g box19£24.63
SDS760PWhole Roses; E120Non-Azo250g tub2£14.27
SDS777Rose Petal Fragments, Glazed FinishE120; Non-Azo1kg box14£34.86
SDS777PRose Petal Fragments, Glazed FinishE120; Non-Azo250g tub12£9.88
SDS780Rose Fragments; E120Non-Azo1kg box86£33.49
SDS780PRose Fragments; E120Non-Azo250g tub4£9.54
SDS762Lilac Petals; Mauve; E120, E132Approx. 9000 Pieces per kg; Non-Azo1kg box21£52.60
SDS762PLilac Petals; Mauve; E120, E132Non-Azo250g tub9£14.71
SDS764Lilac Petals; Pink; E120Approx. 9000 Pieces per kg; Non-Azo1kg box01/08/17£52.96
SDS764PLilac Petals; Pink; E120Non-Azo250g tub-£14.41
SDS772Mint Leaves; E141Approx. 850 Pieces per kg; Non-Azo1kg box30£48.80
SDS772PMint Leaves; E141Non-Azo250g tub3£13.76
SDS782Mint Fragments; E141Non-Azo1kg box5£36.56
SDS782PMint Fragments; E141Non-Azo250g tub11£10.31
SDS784Jasmine Fragments; E171Non-Azo1kg box3£33.30
SDS784PJasmine Fragments; E171Non-Azo250g tub3£9.49
SDS786Lavender (Mauve)Non-Azo1kg box7£19.84
SDS786PLavender (Mauve)Non-Azo250g tub5£6.13