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Curling Ribbons

Our curling ribbons are available in two widths and a range of colours, including metallic options, for a quick and easy way to decorate your packaging.

To curl the ribbon: Cut off the length that you require to tie around the neck of a bag or around a box, allowing extra to curl, and then knot it securely into place when you have done so. Using open scissors (or the blade of a knife), place the blade next to the secured knot with the curling ribbon over the blade and hold it in place on the blade, held at a 45 degree angle, using your thumb. By pulling the blade away from the knot towards the end of the ribbon, it will curl the ribbon so that, when you have finished doing so, the ribbon will spiral into its typical curly 'ringlet'. If the curl is too long, just cut off the excess.


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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
Due In
7mm Wide - 500m Rolls
SPM8010Curling Ribbon; Deep Blue7mm wide500m roll18£3.77
SPM8020Curling Ribbon; Dark Green7mm wide500m roll28£3.77
SPM8030Curling Ribbon; Avocado Green7mm wide500m roll37£3.77
SPM8040Curling Ribbon; Chocolate Brown7mm wide500m roll12£3.77
SPM8050Curling Ribbon; Old Gold7mm wide500m roll39£3.77
SPM8060Curling Ribbon; Lilac7mm wide500m roll19£3.77
SPM8080Curling Ribbon; Cherry Red7mm wide500m roll9£3.77
SPM8090Curling Ribbon; White7mm wide500m roll22£3.77
SPM8100Curling Ribbon; Silver Grey7mm wide500m roll21£3.77
SPM8700Curling Ribbon; Hearts7mm wide250m roll7£8.58
SPM8720Curling Ribbon; Azalea7mm wide500m roll20£3.77
SPM8730Curling Ribbon; Violet7mm wide500m roll23£3.77
SPM8740Curling Ribbon; Fluorescent Rose7mm wide500m roll1£3.77
SPM8750Curling Ribbon; Turquoise7mm wide500m roll10£3.77
SPM8760Curling Ribbon; Light Blue7mm wide500m roll40£3.77
SPM8770Curling Ribbon; Black7mm wide500m roll3£3.77
SPM8771Curling Ribbon; Lemon7mm wide500m roll35£3.77
SPM8772Curling Ribbon; Bright Yellow7mm wide500m roll13£3.77
SPM8773Curling Ribbon; Apple Green7mm wide500m roll29£3.77
SPM8774Curling Ribbon; Leaf Green7mm wide500m roll36£3.77
SPM8775Curling Ribbon; Plum7mm wide500m roll17£3.77
10mm Wide - 250m Rolls
SPM8790Curling Ribbon; Metallic Light Blue10mm wide250m roll15£7.66
SPM8800Curling Ribbon; Metallic Brown10mm wide250m roll-£7.66
SPM8810Curling Ribbon; Metallic Violet10mm wide250m roll16£7.66
SPM8820Curling Ribbon; Metallic Rose10mm wide250m roll19£7.66
SPM8830Curling Ribbon; Metallic Azalea10mm wide250m roll28£7.66
SPM8850Curling Ribbon; Metallic Red10mm wide250m roll37£7.66
SPM8860Curling Ribbon; Metallic Lemon10mm wide250m roll14£7.66
SPM8870Curling Ribbon; Metallic Orange10mm wide250m roll9£7.66
SPM8880Curling Ribbon; Metallic Avocado Green10mm wide250m roll3£7.66
10mm Wide - 50m Rolls
SPM8120Curling Ribbon; Metallic Gold10mm wide50m roll2£2.85
SPM8140Curling Ribbon; Metallic Silver10mm wide50m roll27£2.85