About Power Flowers™

Keylink is the exclusive importer of IBC products in the UK.

This revolutionary new colouring system is a unique concept designed to be simple and easy to use in conjunction with the Colour Master guide. Create all the colours of the rainbow using the red, blue, yellow and white Power Flowers™!

There are so many creative things you can do to bring colour to your chocolate and bakery products such as colouring whole chocolate slabs to creating a lemon and white chocolate topping for éclairs using the yellow flower. In fact, you can colour any fat based product including pastries, ice cream (except red or blue colours), caramels, compounds, biscuits and crumbles.

Made solely from 60% tempered cocoa butter and 40% colourings, Power Flowers™ are available in AZO and Non AZO versions.

The Advantages of using Power Flowers™

Save time

There’s no need to warm or temper the flowers like conventional colouring systems. Just add the amount of flowers you need and start colouring!

Concentrated colour with no waste

As the concentration is higher than standard coloured cocoa butters you only need to use a few Power Flowers™ to achieve great results.

Consistent results

Guarantee consistent results every time using the Colour Master.

Create your own colour

Experiment with different colours by varying the quantity of flowers and petals. Each flower can be cut into 8 separate pieces.

Colour Master

  • You can create a full colour spectrum using the Colour Master. The Colour Master is based on using 400g of white or milk chocolate in which you can achieve up to 78 colours based on Non AZO flowers and 66 colours based on AZO flowers.
  • Achieve consistent results every time using the Colour Master guide.
  • Please store your Colour Master away from light as the colours shown may change over time. It’s a good idea to replace the Colour Master annually to keep the colours fresh and bright.
  • Keep in mind that the actual colour achieved may vary from those on the Colour Master due to various factors including the type and quality of chocolate, the thickness and the condition (whether crystalized or non-crystalized).

The Product Range

  • Power Flowers™ come in a versatile range of AZO and Non AZO colours both in Discovery Boxes and as individual items.
  • The Colour Master is included when buying the Discovery boxes but if you’d like to purchase individual colours you can buy the Colour Master separately as well.
  • 1 pack of Power Flowers™ contains 50 pieces, total weight 50 grams.
  • As the concentration is higher than standard coloured cocoa butters, Power Flowers™ will go a long way.

How to Use

Power Flowers™ are simple and easy to use. Just follow the process below and you’ll soon have a batch of coloured chocolate just ready to create something spectacular!

Step 1:

Choose your preferred colour on the Colour Master and put the stated quantity and colour combination of flowers in a bowl.

Step 2:

Measure the desired quantity of white or milk chocolate and melt. We’ve used 400g as an example.

Step 3:

Pour a quarter of the melted chocolate over the Power Flowers™ in the bowl.

Step 4:

Wait 1 to 2 minutes until the flowers are almost melted then mix until the flowers are completely dissolved.

Step 5:

Add the remaining three quarters of the chocolate and stir in.

Step 6:

Temper your coloured chocolate if needed.

Please note that when spraying, the colour indicated on the Colour Master can vary if you replace some of the chocolate with cocoa butter, this is because cocoa butter has more yellow tones.

The ideal temperature to colour chocolate with Power Flowers™ is between 40-45 °C.

AZO and Non AZO Colours

Power Flowers™ come in AZO and Non AZO versions. The difference between them is that AZO colours come from a synthetic source which are chemically produced and Non AZO are based on natural substances. It’s important to remember that although Non AZO colours are based on natural substances, they may not be classed as 100% natural.

Both versions contain E-numbers which determines the origin of the colour however, the E-numbers contained in the AZO Power Flowers™, according to European law, contain a specific compound which may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children. As such, if you use AZO colours, you will need to state the following declaration on your product packaging.

“May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children”

Due to the synthetic structure of AZO colours, they are generally brighter in colour than Non AZO colours.

Click here to read about Important EC Regulation on Food Additives

Helping you to comply with legislation when using colourants in food

Before you get started there is legislation to be aware of regarding the concentration of colouring used in food.

When working with confectionary, decorations and bakery goods there is a maximum level of concentration per mg/kg as shown below.

  Concentration of
Pigment per
Power Flower
Max allowed in
Max allowed in
Max allowed in
Bakery Products
(E171 - titanium dioxide) 400,000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
(E133 - brilliant blue FCF) 56,000 300 500 200
(E120 - carmine) 380,000 300 500 200
(E129 - allura red AC) 176,000 300 500 200
(E100 - curcumine) 60,000 300 500 200
(E102 - tartrazine) 112,000 300 500 200

Disclaimer: The above information is provided in good faith and Keylink Limited accepts no liability in the event of changes to the legislation or a difference in the interpretation of EU legislation in individual countries. Red and blue Power Flowers cannot be used in ice cream or gelato under current EU legislation. To achieve these colours, please use the From Natural Origin beetroot or spirulina Power Flowers. 

Power Flowers™
Colour Concentration Calculator

We have developed a Power Flowers™ Colour Concentration Calculator to help you check that your proposed use of colouring complies with current EU legislation. The limits above apply to EU legislation only, other countries may have other limits or restrict the use of some colourants altogether.
Please enquire about the legislations of the country you are operating in.