Griottines® are made using a very special type of Morello cherry, the Oblachinska cherry found only in the Balkans. To conserve the unique flavour and physical characteristics of the fruit, the first maceration of the cherries in liqueur takes place within six hours of picking. After rigorous sorting, grading and de-stoning, the Morello cherries are then steeped in different liqueurs for successive macerations based on age-old know-how and secrets. The last maceration provides the final touch of Kirsch which is the hallmark of Griottines. Griottines® are available in many forms and are perfectly suited to a wide range of savoury and sweet recipes including chocolates, gateaux and desserts.

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Griottines 'Original' Kirsch 15%; 35cl Gift Jar

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The Original, Morello cherries steeped in Kirsch. Great for gifts, these delicious ruby red gems can be used in desserts...

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£89.47 Pack of 6