Coconut & Coffee Chocolates


  • Black Cocoa Butter - SCR448
  • White Cocoa Butter - SCR473
  • 3 drops of Coconut Flavouring Drops - SCF0679
  • 2 drops of Coffee Flavour Oil - SCF0681
  • 250g Callebaut Crema W2 - SCM288
  • 250g Callebaut Cream 811 - SCM290
  • 500g Luker Chocolate Selected Origins Tumaco - SCC9900


Perfect for brightening a dark Winter's day, this warm blend of flavours offers a great balance between subtle, smooth coconut and full, roasted coffee. Enjoy a couple of these moreish bonbons with a hot cup of coffee and steamed coconut milk on a drizzly December afternoon!

How to Make Coconut & Coffee Chocolates:

For the Shells
For the Filling

Layer 1: 

Layer 2: 

  • 1 drop of Coconut Flavour Drops (SCF0681) 
  • 1 drops of Coffee Flavour Oil (SCF0679) 
  • 250g Callebaut Crema 811 (SCM290) 

Step 1 - Shells  

  1. Ensure that the moulds are clean and dry, so as to not compromise your chocolates 
  2. Using a small paintbrush or a toothbrush, splatter the moulds with black cocoa butter 
  3. Allow the splatters to set before spraying each mould with white cocoa butter 
  4. Temper the dark chocolate, and pipe it into the moulds to cast the shells 
  5. Empty and scrape the moulds, ensuring to save the excess chocolate - this will be used for capping, later on 
  6. Leave the shells inside the moulds to set 

Step 2 - Layer 1 

  1. Add the Crema W2, 2 drops of coconut flavouring and 1 drop of coffee oil to a microwave safe bowl 
  2. Gradually warm in the microwave and mix the ingredients until combined
  3. Remove and allow to cool 
  4. Once cooled, transfer into a piping bag 

Step 3 - Layer 2 

  1. Repeat the steps for the first layer, this time with the Crema 811: Warm it gradually before adding 1 drop of coffee oil and 1 drop of coconut flavouring, taking care to continuously stir until combined 
  2. Remove from the microwave and allow to cool before transferring into a piping bag 
Assembly & Finishing
  1. Once the shells have set and the fillings have cooled, pipe the white crema mixture into the shells, filling about 1/3 of the way
  2. Top up a further 1/3 of each shell with the dark crema mixture
  3. Using the leftover chocolate, cap the chocolates and leave to set
  4. Once set, they're ready to turn out!

Enjoyed this recipe? Turn it on its head next time, swap the dark chocolate for white chocolate, and switch the coconut flavouring for Chai Spices or Pumpkin Spice flavouring!

Approximate costs

Makes 48
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