Which Discount Structure is Right For You?




Price Band Discounts

Our price band discounts take into account your TOTAL spend with us over a 12 month period so you can get up to 10% off everything you buy from us, regardless of your order size.

Chocolate is usually the biggest purchase for most of our customers so if you buy your chocolate from us, you will automatically increase the likelihood of getting our maximum discount on EVERYTHING you buy from us, not just the chocolate!

And when you log in to our website, you will automatically see the exact discounted price that YOU will pay, alongside easy access to the convenience of our full online account management services!


Order Value Discounts

10% discounts on orders above £1000 (ex VAT) and 5% on orders above £500. Simple! Or if you want to contract for larger volumes over a set period, just give us a call on 0114 245 5400. Order value discounts will be automatically applied to orders over £500 (ex VAT) and 10% over £1000 (ex. VAT), unless you request to be put on price band discounts.