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  • Product Code: SCM155A
  • Description: 100% Hazelnuts
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  • Suitable For: Vegetarians, Vegans, Kosher Pareve
  • Brand: Callebaut
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Callebaut's Pure Semi-Liquid Hazelnut Paste is 100% hazelnuts in a smooth, delicious preparation, perfect for making gianduja and praline, or stirring into chocolate gelato!

Carefully selecting the best crops in orchards all over the world, Callebaut guarantees only premium-quality hazelnut products with a fresh nut taste. Harvested when they're fully sunripe and stored in the best conditions, Callebaut's hazelnuts preserve the maximum of their flavour and natural properties. They are shelled max. 12 hours before being roasted, and packed within 12 hours after. Pure Hazelnut Paste is a 100% pure, natural and unsweetened paste made from roasted and finely ground hazelnuts. Boasting an intense toasted hazelnut flavour, and a delicate fruitiness with a very smooth texture.




  • Fill chocolate bars and bonbons - pipe as a fine layer in chocolate bars or fill bonbons
  • Flavour ganache - add straight from the bucket to ganache for flavour and colour
  • Make gianduja - combine with your chosen tempered chocolate to make a delicious gianduja that can be enrobed

Bakery & Patisserie:

  • Flavour creams and fillings - mix into crèmes, bavarois, buttercreams, glazes and confectionery fillings for an intense hazelnut taste
  • Flavour cakes and cookies - add to cake batter and cookie dough for a delicious nutty flavour
  • Fill sandwich biscuits - pipe or spread between biscuits as a sandwiched biscuit filling
  • Glaze doughnuts and muffins - add to glazes for doughnuts, muffins and pastries
  • Filling for chocolate tarts - combine with tempered chocolate and pipe into pre-baked tart cases

Ice Cream & Gelato:

  • Flavour ice cream and gelato - stir through just churned ice cream and gelato for a delicious hazelnut flavour and warm brown colour (take a look at our Recipe Hub for ideas)
  • Ice cream ripple - swirl into ice cream and gelato for a fantastic ripple effect, scatter with caramelised nibbed hazelnuts for added crunch

Hotels & Restaurants:

  • Add to mirror glazes - add to neutral glazes for a delicious hazelnut flavoured glaze for cakes and desserts
  • Flavour chocolate mousse - mix into chocolate mousse made using Callebaut's Belgian chocolate mousse powders
  • Make chocolate hazelnut spread - stir into warmed Chocolate Crema and pipe into jars, allow to set and use as chocolate spread

Savoury applications:

  • Pure Hazelnut Paste adds flavour without sweetness to sauces, vinaigrettes and even mayonnaise-based dips



Lumpy texture: Mix the paste well before using.

Oil on the surface: Mix the paste well before using.


Recipe Ideas

Looking for inspiration? Try a few of our favourite recipes:

Hazelnut and Vanilla Caramel Chocolates

Vegan Energy Bites (from the UK Chocolate Academy)

Hazelnut and Milk Chocolate Enrobed Bonbons (from the UK Chocolate Academy)


  • Vegetarians Vegetarians
  • Vegans Vegans
  • Kosher Pareve Kosher Pareve

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