Patisserie Glazes

What is patisserie glaze? Patisserie glaze is used to give desserts and baked goods a shiny, high gloss finish, and is often made from water and sugars, in the case of neutral mirror glaze, or chocolate and cream. They’re a busy pastry chef’s best friend! Our range of ready-to-use patisserie glazes from Callebaut give your creations a delicious chocolate flavour as well as a smooth, shiny appearance. The Crème Dell-Artigiano collection can also be used as a fabulous pastry filling, as well as a highly effective glaze, and comes in bitter dark chocolate flavour glaze and creamy white chocolate flavour glaze. They also make a fabulous topping for caramel tarts, a filling for stuffed cookies, and can be used to flavour buttercream or as a layer in cakes and desserts. 

Looking for a different type of filling or flavouring mass? Browse our full range, or chat to one of our friendly team who’ll be happy to help you find what you need. 

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