Chocolate Fillings & Spreads

Our range of chocolate flavoured fillings includes the creamy and indulgent Crema selection from Callebaut, featuring post—bake filling versions of some of their most popular chocolates. Available in five colours and six tempting flavours, these Cremas are ideal for spreading, piping, injecting, flavouring, filling and decorating your pastries, desserts and baked goods, allowing you to show your artistic flair and offer your customers an extra indulgent experience.  

Pipe directly into your freshly baked croissants and éclairs for a smooth, satisfying hit of chocolate. Fill or glaze doughnuts and muffins, mix with buttercream or use to sandwich biscuits, or even decorate your tarts and traybake. The possibilities are endless! 

If you prefer a more solid chocolate filling, Tintoretto (no, not the famous Venetian painter) is ideal. This neutral, semi-soft praliné can be flavoured with oil and fat-based flavourings, cut, dipped and enrobed, or used as a filling in moulded chocolate shells and bars by softening and aerating. With its low water content, Tintoretto has a great shelf life and is perfect for combining with crunchy, crispy textures without going soft. 

Looking for something else? Browse our complete filling and flavouring range, or chat to one of our friendly team who’ll be happy to help. 

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