Crunchy Fillings

Crunchy fillings can be tricky to perfect in chocolatiering, but our range of ready-made crunchy chocolate fillings for chocolates won’t go soft or stale. These smooth, sweet and crunchy combinations are specially formulated to hold their characteristics and offer a long shelf life, giving you the opportunity to create a variety of delicious confections with a satisfying crunch. Cara Crakine is a ready-to-use caramel milk chocolate filling with toasted cereal balls, perfect for piping into moulded chocolate shells, or onto cakes, brownies and pancakes. It also tastes great in hot and cold chocolate drinks, or swirled through ice cream and gelato. While Café Crokine is a coffee flavoured white chocolate filling with crunchy caramelised cacao nibs, that would pair well with chocolate mousse-based desserts, eclairs, patisserie and chocolate cheesecakes. 

Prefer a smooth, creamy filling? Take a look at our complete range of fillings and flavouring masses, or chat to one of our friendly team who’ll be happy to help. 

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