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A Ganache is the most commonly used type of filling for chocolates, generally made by combining chocolate and cream. Ganaches are readily flavoured using Ravifruit ambient fruit purées, Kessko fruit and flavour pastes, alcohol concentrates or any of our flavouring oils or flavour drops. See our video 'Making a Ganache' on the 'Working with Chocolate' DVD.


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Gourmet Truffle Mass
This is a range of very high quality, easy to use, instant ganaches; principally combining dark or white chocolate, condensed milk, sugar and a little alcohol to extend its shelf life. These base masses have a wonderful taste and are ideal for use in truffles, pralines, petit-fours and patisserie.
SCM300Gourmet Truffle Mass; WhiteReady-to-use, firm, cuttable mass5kg tub2£74.62
SCM300AGourmet Truffle Mass; WhiteReady-to-use, firm, cuttable mass25kg tubTo Order Only£373.08
SCM305Gourmet Truffle Mass; DarkReady-to-use, firm, cuttable mass5kg tub26£70.67
SCM305AGourmet Truffle Mass; DarkReady-to-use, firm, cuttable mass25kg tubTo Order Only£353.36
Crème A La Carte
These excellent neutral and flavoured, ready-made ganaches are made from a base of white chocolate, cream, sugar and alcohol. They can be scooped cold or heated slightly (max 35°c) to make them easier to pipe.
SCM261Callebaut White Filling with SweetenerWrapped Block; Maltitol 35%25kg caseTo Order Only£194.29
SCM270BCreme A La Carte; Neutral Alcohol FillingWhite chocolate ganache with a neutral taste5kg tub15£38.98
SCM272BCreme A La Carte; Marc De Champagne FillingWhite chocolate ganache w. Marc de Champagne5kg tub29£46.24