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Van Houten Ruby Instant Chocolate Drink Powder 

In a luscious pink finish, this 100% Ruby ground chocolate powder is a wonderful way to create an all-natural pastel pink drink! Packing fruitiness and sour notes plus a smooth mouthfeel, we’re sure this will please any chocolate drink lover.  

Serve it at any time of the year, too, because it can be used to make sumptuous cold drinks, as well as hot! Find a PDF recipe booklet to get you started right here

This product is tested and approved by baristas, and is 100% Ruby chocolate, filled with intense fruitiness and fresh sour notes.  

Even better, it’s made with sustainable cocoa – Van Houten is part of the Cocoa Horizons programme


How do I use Ruby drinks powder? 

It’s quick and easy to use and can be combined with any milk; dairy or alternatives. For hot drinks, mix 35-50g of powder with 200ml milk and heat to 70°C. Pour into a glass or mug and top with whipped cream and Mona Lisa Ruby Crispearls, for an extra bit of texture and luxury. 

To make a cold drink, mix 50ml of your chosen milk with 35-50g Ruby Van Houten powder and mix to a paste, or steam together. Add 100ml cold milk and mix at high speed for 15 seconds. Pour over ice and top with strawberry topping sauce


Why stop there? 

While you’ve now got a fantastic looking Ruby drink base, it would be rude not to take it one step further and get experimental with some recipes… 

Ruby Drives Me Coconuts (By Dhan Tamang – Van Houten)  

35g Van Houten Ruby chocolate powder 

170ml coconut milk 

Mona Lisa white chocolate curved shavings 

Coconut shavings 

Van Houten Ruby chocolate powder  

The steps: 

  1. Mix the milk with the Van Houten ground Ruby chocolate and steam. 
  2. Pour into a heatproof glass. 
  3. Decorate with Mona Lisa white chocolate curved shavings 
  4. Sprinkle the coconut shavings and Van Houten ground Ruby chocolate on top.  



Van Houten Ground Chocolate Powders are not only perfect for making hot and cold chocolate drinks, such as frappés, milkshakes, cocktails and floats. They're also perfect for decorating the edge of drinking glasses and sprinkling onto cappuccinos for an attractive finish and an indulgent chocolate taste. 

Bakeries can use these ground chocolate powders to decorate finished products for an extra cocoa hit and an aesthetically pleasing appearance on baked goods and pastries. Hotels and cafés could also use these Van Houten powders to sprinkle on top of porridge, or stir it in for a chocolatey flavour, or even use on top of granola, pancakes and ice cream sundaes. You could even swap the coffee in your Affogato desserts for hot chocolate, and add a shot of your preferred liqueur (Irish cream, mint or orange are big favourites!). 

Alternatively, use Van Houten's ground chocolate powders in milk based puddings by using hot chocolate in place of the milk in your rice puddings and bread and butter puddings. Or serve sharing platters with an array of hot chocolate drinks and mini desserts. 



Bits of chocolate: If the drink is not heated and homogenised the chocolate and milk can separate. Mix well at 70°c to  avoid this problem. Do not heat milk above 80°c as this will burn the proteins and change the taste and texture of the milk. 


Recipe Ideas 

Browse our complete range of chocolate drinks recipes in the Recipe Hub, or try a few of our favourites: 

Ruby Hot Chocolate 

Ruby Iced Cream 

Ruby Chocaccinoat 

  • Vegetarians Vegetarians
  • Kosher Dairy Kosher Dairy
  • Halal Halal

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