The Keylink Chocolate Portfolio

The Keylink chocolate portfolio is now more comprehensive, more diverse, and more exciting than ever before.

We source our chocolate and cocoa products from some of the leading manufacturers; Cacao Barry, Callebaut, CasaLuker, Lubeca, Schokinag, Moo Free and Veliche Gourmet, enabling us to supply a vast of range of dark/plain, milk and white chocolates, from flavoured chocolate and core grades to fairtrade, origins, organic and plantation chocolates to better for diabetics, all with characters as individual as the chocolatiers using them.

These are chocolate brands with great stories and distinctive taste personalities at their heart. Whatever the experience you want to craft with chocolate, Keylink, the chocolate specialists, have a world of chocolates for you to discover.

Chocolatiers are increasingly using a broader spectrum of chocolates in order to fully take advantage of the exhilarating variety now available on the market, and in the knowledge that a diverse chocolate offering enables them to increase their profits and provide customers with truly superb chocolate experiences!

You can learn more about each of Keylink’s chocolate brands below. For further help, our sales team are able to advise on selecting the right chocolates for your needs.