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Lubeca - Chocolate in its finest form

Lubeca is a family of chocolates, marzipans, pralines and nuts. Their chocolates are all made using specially selected cocoa varieties from Ghana, Venezuela, Trinidad, Madagascar and Peru. They are particularly known for their incredibly smooth mouthfeel and high shine, which is achieved by intensively grinding the mass until the solid matter's particle size is reduced to around 16 microns, (sixteen thousandths of a millimetre). A lengthy conching process also ensures a very clean and mellow taste, accentuating the quality and flavour characteristics of the cocoa.

Lubeca Marzipan

Lubeca has long been known for their premium quality marzipan, achieving an authentic flavour worlds apart from the overly sugary, preservative-filled marzipans we have all experienced in the past! This, teamed with their method of grinding rather than cutting their almonds and sugar before roasting in open copper vessels, is what sets these almond products apart from their cheaper counterparts. Our range of Lubeca marzipans contain a higher than usual proportion of almond to sugar, which means they taste less sugary-sweet and pair beautifully with other flavours.

Lubeca produces 20,000 tonnes of marzipan at their factory in the German city of Lübeck every year!

Lubeca Pralines Pastes and Nuts

Pralinés are a combination of sugar and nuts – usually hazelnuts or almonds. Lubeca pralines contain a high proportion of nuts and taste smooth and buttery. We sell Lubeca semi-liquid and sliceable pralines. 

Also available from Lubeca are premium quality nuts, in ideal pack sizes for chocolate work.

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