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Plain/Dark Chocolate and Couverture

With an immense diversity of unique flavours and consistency of taste, our high quality plain couvertures and plain chocolate are produced from the finest possible ingredients and are appropriate for an extensive range of applications.

Whether you are seeking the unique flavour of a single origin couverture for that perfect chocolate, an excellent base for your ganache or a more fluid chocolate for your fountain, we are confident that you will find the exact grade or flavour that suits your product requirements below.


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Callebaut Best Selling Standard Grades
SCC501Callebaut Dark Chocolate Couverture; 811Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 54.5%10kg bag288£53.58
SCC507Callebaut Dark Choc Couverture; Very BitterEasymelt Chips; Min C/S 70.4%10kg bag133£56.75
SCC910CasaLuker Cacao; Macondo 60%Dark Chocolate2.5kg bag55£17.50
SCC919CasaLuker Cacao; Macondo 60%Dark Chocolate20kg box6£130.25
SCC915CasaLuker Cacao; Chocopanela 61% TrapicheDark Chocolate2.5kg bag25£21.05
SCC904CasaLuker 1906; Origin Tumaco 65%Dark Chocolate2.5kg bag18£21.43
SCC905CasaLuker 1906; Origin Huila 65%Dark Chocolate2.5kg bag16£21.33
SCC902CasaLuker 1906; Origin Peru 72%Dark Chocolate2.5kg bag45£23.39
SCC903CasaLuker 1906; Origin Arauca 70%Dark chocolate2.5kg bag62£22.98
SCC918CasaLuker 1906; Origin Arauca 70%Dark chocolate20kg box8£172.77
SCC900CasaLuker 1906; Origin Tumaco 85%Extra Dark Chocolate2.5kg bag23£23.29
SCC901CasaLuker 1906; Origin Santander 85%Extra Dark Chocolate2.5kg bag47£23.29
SCC318Schokinag Dark Choc CouvertureBelgian Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 53%10kg bag119£41.29
SCC317Schokinag Dark Choc Couverture; High CocoaBelgian Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 58%10kg bag183£42.05
SCC328Schokinag Dark Choc; Bitter FlavourBelgian Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 70%10kg bag131£51.21
Veliche Gourmet
SCC321Veliche Gourmet Dark Chocolate; Essential 54Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 54%, Fat 35.1%5kg bag17£26.49
SCC327Veliche Gourmet Dark Chocolate; Emotion 58Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 58%, Fat 37%5kg bag11£27.18
SCC320Veliche Gourmet Dark Chocolate; Temptation64Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 64%, Fat 41%5kg bag18£26.87
SCC319Veliche Gourmet Dark Chocolate; Sensation 72Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 72%, Fat 45%5kg bag68£28.18
SCC580Dark Chocolate Couverture with SweetenerWrapped Bar; Min C/S 53.9%, Maltitol 43.5%5kg bar13£41.34
SCC500Callebaut Dark Chocolate Couverture; 811Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 54.5%2.5kg bag643£14.01
SCC500ACallebaut Dark Chocolate Couverture; 811Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 54.5%1kg bag278£6.00
SCC502Callebaut Dark Chocolate Couverture; 811Wrapped Bar; Min C/S 54.5%5kg bar24£27.46
SCC680Callebaut Dark Chocolate for FountainsEasymelt Chips; Min C/S 56.9%2.5kg bag2£14.95
SCC504Callebaut Dark Chocolate; Dark and BitterEasymelt Chips; Min C/S 60.1%10kg bag39£56.27
SCC506Callebaut Dark Choc Couverture; Extra BitterWrapped Bar; Min C/S 60.1%5kg bar8£30.21
SCC505ACallebaut Dark Chocolate; Extra Bitter,ThickEasymelt Chips; Min C/S 60.3%10kg bag2£55.66
SCC724ACallebaut Chocolate; Dark; FortinaEasymelt Chips; Min C/S 65.1%2.5kg bag32£17.58
SCC702Callebaut Origin Choc; Dark; BrazilEasymelt Chips; Min C/S 66.8%2.5kg bag4£20.73
SCC705ACallebaut Origin Choc; Dark; MadagascarEasymelt Chips; Min C/S 67.4%2.5kg bag39£21.32
SCC700Callebaut Origin Choc; Dark; Sao ThomeEasymelt Chips; Min C/S 70%2.5kg bag40£21.01
SCC507ACallebaut Dark Choc Couverture; Very BitterEasymelt Chips; Min C/S 70.4%2.5kg bag311£14.77
SCC515ACallebaut Dark Choc Couverture; Very BitterWrapped Bar; Min C/S 70.4%5kg bar13£28.93
SCC701ACallebaut Origin Choc; Dark; EcuadorEasymelt Chips; Min C/S 70.4%2.5kg bag78£19.97
SCC730Callebaut Chocolate; Dark; SatongoEasymelt Chips; Min C/S 72%2.5kg bag32£18.37
SCC690Callebaut Dark Choc CouvertureChips; Min C/S 72.5%20kg box6£113.76
SCC586Callebaut Dark Chocolate Power 80%Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 80%2.5kg bag100£15.53
SCC720ACallebaut Chocolate; Dark; KumaboEasymelt Chips; Min C/S 80.1%2.5kg bag17£18.56
SCC584Dark Choc Couverture w Fibre/Stevia ExtractUnwrapped Bars; Min C/S 83.9%, Erythritol 9%25kg boxTo Order Only£258.22
Cacao Barry
SCC121Cacao Barry Choc; Dark; Force NoireChips; Min C/S 50%5kg bag10/04/18£26.54
SCC126Cacao Barry; Dark; ExcellenceChips; Min C/S 55%5kg bag19£34.71
SCC125Cacao Barry; Dark; Favorites Mi-AmereChips; Min C/S 58%5kg bag15£36.72
SCC120Cacao Barry Choc; Dark; Chocolat AmerChips; Min C/S 60%5kg bag8£26.96
SCC124Cacao Barry; Dark; Extra-Bitter GuayaquilChips; Min C/S 64%5kg bag52£39.89
SCC162BCacao Barry; Dark; Plantation MadirofoloEasymelt Chips; Min C/S 65%1kg bag47£11.24
SCC742ADark Chocolate Couverture; Inaya 65%Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 65%5kg bag20£41.18
SCC104BCacao Barry Origin Choc; Dark; MexiqueChips; Min C/S 66.1%2.5kg bag32£23.67
SCC100Cacao Barry Origin Choc; Dark;Saint DomingueChips; Min C/S 70%1kg bag118£9.09
SCC127Cacao Barry; Dark; Fleur De CaoChips; Min C/S 70%5kg bag18£43.19
SCC101Cacao Barry Origin Choc; Dark; CubaChips; Min C/S 70%1kg bag-£10.95
SCC740ADark Chocolate Couverture; Ocoa 70.4%Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 70.4%5kg bag10£42.52
SCC111ACacao Barry Couverture; Dark; Louvre LenotreChips; Min C/S 71%2.5kg bag10£22.93
SCC103Cacao Barry Origin Choc; Dark; VenezuelaChips; Min C/S 72.2%1kg bag5£9.94
SCC102BCacao Barry Origin Choc; Dark; TanzanieChips; Min C/S 75%2.5kg bag21£22.78
SCC107Cacao Barry Origin Choc; Dark; EquateurChips; Min C/S 76%1kg bag198£9.46
Barry Callebaut
SCC513Callebaut Dark Chocolate; Estate Mild Flav.Easymelt; Min C/S 46.4%25kg box4£92.11
SCC511Callebaut Dark Chocolate; Imperial MediumEasymelt; Min C/S 51.4%25kg box18£93.94
SCC508ACallebaut Dark Chocolate; Fluid/Strong FlavEasymelt; Min C/S 60.4%25kg box20£108.89
SCC280AKessko Diabetic Dark Chocolate CouvertureWrapped Bar; Min C/S 58%, Maltitol 41.6%2.5kg bar19£26.54
SCC800Lubeca Dark Couverture; Ivory CoastEasymelt Drops; Min C/S 55%10kg box8£58.46
SCC810Lubeca Dark Couverture; TravemundeEasymelt Drops; Min C/S 60%2.5kg bag5£17.81
SCC812Lubeca Dark Couverture; RatzeburgEasymelt Drops; Min C/S 70%2.5kg bag11£19.06
SCC818Lubeca Dark Couverture; Peru (Organic)Easymelt Drops; Min C/S 70%2.5kg bag48£22.82
SCC814Lubeca Dark Couverture; Trinidad (Origin)Easymelt Drops; Min C/S 72%2.5kg bag23£26.87
SCC816Lubeca Dark Couverture; GhanaEasymelt Drops; Min C/S 85%2.5kg bag41£19.06
Fairtrade Couverture / Chocolate
SCC554Fairtrade Dark ChocolateBlock; Min C/S 48.5%25kg boxTo Order Only£149.23
SCC685Callebaut Dark Choc Fairtrade Couverture; 811Chips; Min C/S 54.5%10kg bag16£58.96
SCC688Callebaut Dark Choc Fairtrade CouvertureChips; Min C/S 70.4%10kg bag14£63.48
Organic Couverture / Chocolate
SCC560BOrganic Dark Chocolate CouvertureEasymelt Chips; Min C/S 58.5%20kg box5£132.59
SCC160BPlantation Organic Dark;Alto el Sol;PeruvianEasymelt Chips; Min C/S 65%1kg-£10.82
Fairtrade and Organic Couverture / Chocolate
SCC572Fairtrade Organic Dark Chocolate5kg Block, Min C/S 72.3%25kgTo Order Only£259.24
SCC573Fairtrade Organic Dark Chocolate CouvertureChips; Min C/S 70.3%20kg2£160.24