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Milk Chocolate and Couverture

Our high quality milk chocolate couvertures and milk chocolate are produced from the finest possible ingredients and can be used for many applications.

Whether you are seeking a harmonious balance of cocoa and milk with slight caramelised biscuit notes for your chocolate or a pale coloured couverture with a hint of hazelnut flavour for your petit-fours, patisserie, ice creams etc, please explore below to find your ideal chocolate.


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Callebaut Best Selling Standard Grades
SCC521Callebaut Milk Chocolate Couverture; StandardEasymelt Chips; Min C/S 33.6%10kg bag581£68.94
SCC916CasaLuker Cacao; Chocopanela 37% MelaoMilk Chocolate2.5kg bag13£17.72
SCC911CasaLuker Cacao; Noche 40%Milk Chocolate2.5kg bag15£16.21
SCC920CasaLuker Cacao; Noche 40%Milk Chocolate20kg box1£121.12
SCC906CasaLuker 1906; Milk Colombia 45%Milk Chocolate2.5kg bag7£22.55
SCC338Schokinag Milk Chocolate CouvertureBelgian Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 32%10kg bag531£44.25
SCC347Schokinag Milk Choc Couverture; Milk ExtraEasymelt Chips; Min C/S 37%10kg bag225£46.21
Veliche Gourmet
SCC342Veliche Gourmet Milk Chocolate; Intense 35Easymelt Chips;Min C/S 35%, M/S 21.8% F 36.5%5kg bag47£29.18
SCC710Callebaut Origin Choc; Milk; JavaEasymelt Chips; Min C/S 32.6%2.5kg bag71£24.66
SCC530Callebaut Milk Chocolate Couverture;Rich,CrmyEasymelt Chips; Min C/S 32.7%20kg boxTo Order Only£161.83
SCC510Callebaut Milk Choc Couverture; Standard FlavEasymelt Chips; Min C/S 33.6%2.5kg bag376£18.00
SCC510ACallebaut Milk Choc Couverture; Standard FlavEasymelt Chips; Min C/S 33.6%1kg bag107£7.60
SCC522Callebaut Milk Chocolate Couverture; StandardWrapped Bar; Min C/S 33.6%5kg bar33£35.14
SCC581Milk Chocolate Couverture with SweetenerWrapped Bar: Min C/S 33.9%, Maltitol 42%5kg bar12£52.74
SCC681Callebaut Milk Chocolate for FountainsEasymelt Chips; Min C/S 37.8%2.5kg bag76£18.73
SCC712Callebaut Origin Choc; Milk; ArribaEasymelt Chips; Min C/S 39%2.5kg bag69£22.95
SCC587Callebaut Milk Chocolate Power 41Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 40.7%2.5kg bag58£16.41
Cacao Barry
SCC118Cacao Barry Choc; Milk; Lactee BarryChips; Min C/S 35.3%5kg bag21£45.07
SCC130Cacao Barry; Milk; Lactee SuperieureChips; Min C/S 35.3%5kg bag51£49.96
SCC105Cacao Barry Origin Choc; Milk; PapouasieChips; Min C/S 35.8%1kg bag10£11.32
SCC105BCacao Barry Origin Choc; Milk; PapouasieChips; Min C/S 35.8%2.5kg bag21£27.43
SCC116BCacao Barry Choc; Milk; Lactee Elysee LenotreChips; Min C/S 37.8%2.5kg bag2£26.11
SCC131Cacao Barry; Milk; Ambre JavaChips; Min C/S 36%5kg bag4£52.65
SCC106BCacao Barry Origin Choc; Milk; GhanaChips; Min C/S 40.5%2.5kg bag38£27.30
SCC746Milk Chocolate Couverture; Alunga 41.3%Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 41.3%1kg bag22£11.44
SCC746AMilk Chocolate Couverture; Alunga 41.3%Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 41.3%5kg bag14£51.55
Barry Callebaut
SCC526Callebaut Milk Chocolate; Teardrop shapeEasymelt25kg box5£141.87
SCC525Callebaut Milk Chocolate; USA Caramel TasteEasymelt; Min C/S 31.2%25kg box2£141.87
SCC528Callebaut Milk Chocolate;Low Milk Rounded FlvEasymelt; Min C/S 31.6%25kg box13£119.55
SCC533Callebaut Milk Choc CouvertureEasymelt; Min C/S 34.5%25kg box20£124.75
SCC802Lubeca Milk Couverture; GromitzEasymelt Drops; Min C/S 38%10kg box10£64.42
SCC822Lubeca Milk Couverture; TimmendorfEasymelt Drops; Min C/S 42%2.5kg bag27£17.39
SCC820Lubeca Milk Couverture; Rio Caribe (Origin)Easymelt Drops; Min C/S 47%2.5kg bag4£18.40
Moo Free Chocolate
SCC590Moo Free; Dairy Free Milk Choc Alt CouvertureOrganic; 45% Cocoa Solids2kg pack64£22.00
Fairtrade Couverture / Chocolate
SCC556Fairtrade Milk ChocolateBlock; Min C/S 28.7%25kg boxTo Order Only£223.99
SCC558Fairtrade Milk Chocolate CouvertureBlock; Min C/S 35.9%25kg boxTo Order Only£220.32
SCC686Callebaut Milk Choc Fairtrade CouvertureChips; Min C/S 33.6%10kg bag15£76.88
Organic Couverture / Chocolate
SCC562BOrganic Milk Chocolate CouvertureEasymelt Chips; Min C/S 35.5%20kg box2£164.53
Fairtrade and Organic Couverture / Chocolate
SCC574Fairtrade Organic Milk Chocolate Couverture5kg Block; Min C/S 38.1%25kgTo Order Only£221.55