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White Chocolate and Couverture

Whether you are looking for a smooth white chocolate with a very high cocoa butter content, or even a white chocolate suitable for diabetics, our range of white chocolate offerings is sure to provide that missing ingredient.


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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
Due In
Callebaut Best Selling Standard Grades
SCC541Callebaut White Chocolate; W2Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 28%10kg bag331£66.30
SCC912CasaLuker Cacao; Nevado 40%White Chocolate2.5kg bag43£17.87
SCC913CasaLuker Cacao; GlaciarWhite Chocolate; Min C/S 35%2.5kg bag53£21.09
SCC917CasaLuker Cacao; Chocopanela 39% DoradoWhite chocolate which is caramel in colour2.5kg bag7£21.56
SCC921CasaLuker Cacao; Nevado 40%White Chocolate20kg box3£134.04
SCC364Schokinag White ChocolateBelgian Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 30%10kg bag183£44.04
Veliche Gourmet
SCC366Veliche Gourmet White Chocolate; Obsession 30Easymelt Chips;Min C/S 30%, M/S 22.7% F 37.1%5kg bag19£30.68
SCC520Callebaut White Chocolate; W2Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 28%2.5kg bag327£17.34
SCC520ACallebaut White Chocolate; W2Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 28%1kg bag283£7.33
SCC542Callebaut White Chocolate; W2Wrapped Bar; Min C/S 28%5kg bar24£34.00
SCC582White Chocolate with SweetenerWrapped Bar; Min C/S 30.6%, Maltitol 44.5%5kg bar1£55.37
SCC588Callebaut White Chocolate VelvetEasymelt Chips; Min C/S 33.1%, Min M/S 22.9%2.5kg bag152£17.46
Cacao Barry
SCC135Cacao Barry White Chocolate; Blanc SatinChips; Min C/S 29.2%5kg bag41£47.64
SCC136Cacao Barry White Chocolate; ZephyrChips; Min C/S 34%5kg bag33£49.53
Barry Callebaut
SCC544Callebaut White ChocolateEasymelt; Min C/S 29.3%25kg box23£114.99
SCC295AKessko Diabetic White ChocolateWrapped Bar; Min C/S 31%, Maltitol 41.4%2kg bar4£21.78
SCC804Lubeca White Couverture; Schok WeissEasymelt Drops; Min C/S 33%10kg box11£66.44
Fairtrade Couverture / Chocolate
SCC687Callebaut White Chocolate Fairtrade; W2Chips; Min C/S 28.3%10kg bag19£74.37
Fairtrade and Organic Couverture / Chocolate
SCC575Fairtrade Organic White Chocolate5kg Block; Min C/S 28.8%25kgTo Order Only£204.58