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“Thanks to our ability of sourcing beans of high quality across the world and particular expertise of producing chocolate, we capture the finest aromas of the beans into chocolate of unique taste,” says Joost Lindeman, Global Brand Manager for Cacao Barry. “Our objective is to release the sensorial richness of cocoa and to provide chocolate of remarkable taste to inspire the chefs.”

Cacao Barry dark, milk and white chocolates are produced in France and offer many different and amazing flavour characters.

The range includes standard grades of chocolate couvertures of very high quality, and the Purity From Nature range, utilising Cacao Barry’s approach of Quality Fermentation. This technique optimises the fermentation process and results in pure and intense cocoa flavours which are conveyed through to the finished chocolate.

Cacao Barry Origin couvertures offer cocoa beans from one specific country or region. Each is truly individual and allows its defining flavours to speak for themselves. Plantation chocolates offer flavours that alter as the seasons change, depending on the climate and soil, offering you dramatic notes to excite your taste buds and pair with seasonal fruits. In essence, the Cacao Barry range enables you, the chocolate craftsman, the ability to add a signature flavour to your chocolate creations.

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Cacao Barry:
Sponsors of the World Chocolate Masters Competitions

Futropolis – A quest for tomorrow's chocolate flavours

Cacao Barry are the sponsors of the World Chocolate Masters competition. The search begins January 2017 to January 2018 to find the UK Chocolate Master and the winner of this will go on to represent the UK in the World Chocolate Masters Competition at the Salon Du Chocolat in Paris.

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