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Accessories for Chocolate Work

For dipping forks, thermometers, piping bags and more to help you achieve that professional finish, please see below.

All equipment and accessories are subject to VAT.


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CodeDescriptionStyle/ContentInfoPack SizeIn-stock
Due In
SEA510ATriangular Scraping Spatula; 80mmPlastic Handleeach4£5.16
SEA512ATriangular Scraping Spatula; 100mmPlastic Handleeach21£6.70
SEA515Mould Scraper; 170mm wideStainless Steel with Plastic Handleeach96£6.04
SEA516Mould Scraper; 270mm wideStainless Steel with Plastic Handleeach132£8.87
SEA538PP Dough Scraper120mm x 100mmeach50£1.06
SEA539Dough Scraper216mm x 128mmeach59£1.96
SEA540Flexible Dough Scraper120x86mmeach33£0.10
SEA541Flexible Dough Scraper134x85mmeach30£0.12
SEA542Flexible Dough Scraper157x114mmeach24£0.23
SEA543Nylon Patented Universal Scraper(Up to 140'c) 120mm x 90mmeach29£3.14
Palette Knives
SEA545Palette Knife; 140mm; Flat BladeStainless Steel with Moulded Plastic Handleeach5£10.10
SEA546Palette Knife; 230mm; Flat BladeStainless Steel with Moulded Plastic Handleeach12£13.26
SEA557Palette Knife; 210mm; Offset BladeStainless Steel with Moulded Plastic Handleeach20£1.87
SEA558Palette Knife; 260mm; Offset BladeStainless Steel with Moulded Plastic Handleeach17£2.14
Dipping Forks
SEA420ADipping Fork; Pear Shapeeach6£5.15
SEA422ADipping Fork; Round 10mm diaeach7£5.15
SEA424ADipping Fork; Round 12mm diaeach19£5.15
SEA426ADipping Fork; Round 14mm diaeach3£5.15
SEA428ADipping Fork; Round 16mm diaeach7£5.15
SEA430ADipping Fork; Round 18mm diaeach9£5.15
SEA432ADipping Fork; Round 20mm diaeach14£5.15
SEA436BDipping Fork; OvalStainless Steel with Plastic Handleeach15£7.78
SEA438BDipping Fork; SpiralStainless Steel with Plastic Handleeach15£6.62
SEA441Dipping Fork; 2-ProngStainless Steel with Plastic Handleeach17£8.77
SEA444Dipping Fork; 3-ProngStainless Steel with Plastic Handleeach37£8.77
SEA445Dipping Fork; 4-ProngStainless Steel with Plastic Handleeach22£10.14
SEA454Set of 10 Dipping ForksIn Plastic Boxeach1£89.16
SEA455Set of 6 Dipping ForksIn Plastic Boxeach2£50.77
Spatulas and Spoons
SEA520Composite 'Exoglass' Spatula/Ladle250mm (10")each16£2.50
SEA521Composite 'Exoglass' Spatula/Ladle300mm (11.75")each13£3.31
SEA522Composite 'Exoglass' Spatula/Ladle350mm (13.75")each15£3.48
SEA523Composite 'Exoglass' Spatula/Ladle400mm (15.75")each8£4.71
SEA524Composite 'Exoglass' Spatula/Ladle450mm (17.75")each9£6.18
SEA525Composite 'Exoglass' Spatula/Ladle500mm (19.5")each11£7.36
SEA526Composite 'Exoglass' Spoon300mm (11.75")each9£3.03
SEA527Composite 'Exoglass' Spoon380mm (14.90")each5£4.41
SEA528Composite 'Exoglass' Spoon450mm (17.75")each3£5.81
SEA530Composite 'Elvea' Rubber-Tipped Spatula250mm (10")each13£3.51
SEA532Composite 'Elvea' Rubber-Tipped Spatula350mm (13.75")each11£4.33
SEA534Composite 'Elvea' Rubber-Tipped Spatula450mm (17.75")each15£5.19
SEA535Rubber 'Spatulon' Deep Spoon Shaped Spatula110'C; 250mm (10")each20£4.71
SEA536Rubber 'Spatulon' Deep Spoon Shaped Spatula110'C; 330mm (13")each10£5.68
Pastry Brushes
SEA244Pastry Brush; Polyamid BristlePlastic Handle; Bristles 30mm wide; 50mm longeach17£3.72
SEA245Pastry Brush; Polyamid BristlePlastic Handle; Bristles 40mm wide; 50mm longeach5£4.22
SEA246Pastry Brush; Polyamid BristlePlastic Handle; Bristles 50mm wide; 50mm longeach15£5.15
SEA247Pastry Brush; Polyamid BristlePlastic Handle; Bristles 60mm wide; 50mm longeach14£6.30
SEA248Pastry Brush; Polyamid BristlePlastic Handle; Bristles 70mm wide; 50mm longeach7£7.49
SEA249APastry Brush; Natural BristlePlastic Handle; 25mm (1")each9£3.03
SEA251APastry Brush; Natural BristlePlastic Handle; 35mm (1 3/8")each13£3.27
SEA253Pastry Brush; Natural BristlePlastic Handle; 45mm (1 3/4")each13£4.09
SEA254APastry Brush; Natural BristlePlastic Handle; 50mm (2")each5£4.50
Roller Cutter
SEA630A5-Wheel Roller CutterNickel-Plated Pantograph, cuts 10-120mm bandseach6£40.81
SEA205Chocolate ThermometerAlcohol in Glass; Plastic Sheath 0-60'Ceach1£15.50
SEA210AElectronic Digital Thermometer-49.9'C to +149.9'Ceach8£15.68
SEA211ADigital Probe Thermometer-49.9'C to +299.9'Ceach1£63.84
SEA518Spatula 385mm with Thermometer -50'C + 200'Ceach31£31.12
SEA519Spatula 385mmFor use with Spatula Thermometer SEA518each2£5.40
SEA565Aluminium Scoop; One Piece185mm; 100geach11£2.50
SEA567Aluminium Scoop; One Piece265mm; 300geach9£4.67
SEA569Aluminium Scoop; One Piece350mm; 900geach7£10.46
SEA571Aluminium Scoop; One Piece430mm; 2400geach2£21.68
SEA350Stainless Steel Chocolate Tongs145mmeach3£33.71
SEA352Chromed-Brass Cake Tongs/Server260mmeach4£11.37
Disposable Gloves
SEA963ADisposable Blue Vinyl Gloves SmallFood GradeBox of 10041£5.15
SEA964ADisposable Blue Vinyl Gloves MediumFood GradeBox of 10089£5.15
SEA965ADisposable Blue Vinyl Gloves LargeFood GradeBox of 10021£5.33
SEA405Trigger Funnel (1.9 litre)each1£122.68
SEA410Piston Funneleach1£263.99
SEA413Funnel Standeach2£13.95
Piping Bags
SEA750Disposable Nylon-PE Pastry Piping Bags550mm long, 300mm wide at openingBox of 100158£18.82
SEA761Disposable Piping Bag Professional550mm, 300mm wide at opening10045£7.21
SEA760ACornet Paper Piping Bags50g Parchment; Supplied flat to roll to sizeBox of 50017£21.04
Mixing Bowls
SEA175Mixing Bowls; plastic microwaveable1.5 litre; 180mm dia internaleach40£2.43
SEA176Mixing Bowls; plastic microwaveable4 litre; 250mm dia internaleach68£3.13
Gold Leaf Applicator
SEA267Gold Foil Roll for SEA2683mm wide x 21m; 22 carateach1£41.90
SEA268Dispenser For Edible Gold LeavesNo roll includedeach1£44.99
Baking and Preparation Sheets
SEA277Silicone Sheets; 450mm x 750mmPack of 960 Sheets960 sheets11£66.18
SEA280Non-Stick Baking Sheet - PTFE Imp. Fibreglass0.1mm thick 570mm x 370mm; Sold Singlyeach5£9.69
SEA281PVC Sheets for Chocolate Work (150 microns)400mm x 300mmBox of 10012£28.39
SEA282PVC Sheets for Chocolate Work (150 microns)600mm x 400mmBox of 1005.75£50.95
SEA283Guitar Sheets 600x400mm, 80 microns02-10061510014£10.99
SEA284Guitar (PVC) Sheets for Chocolate Work400mm x 600mm; 130 MicronBox of 5038£15.76
Closing Templates
SEA840Filling/Closing Template for Truffle Sphereseach1£36.14
SEA841Filling/Closing Template for Hollow Eggseach-£36.14
SEA842Filling/Closing Template for Heart Hollowseach-£36.14
SEA843Filling/Closing Template for Star Hollowseach4£36.14
SEA844Filling/Closing Template- Mini Truffle Sphereeach1£36.14
SEA845Filling/Closing Template-Large Truffle Sphereeach29/09/17£36.14
SEA140Krea Hotchoc Spray Guneach8£359.00
SEA141Spray Booth for Krea Hotchoc Spray Guneach6£179.00
SEA145XL2000 Compressor; 50psi (3.4 bar); 1.2cfm275x165x225mm; for Cocoa Butter colourseach3£211.68
SEA146XL2000 Double Action Airbrush0.6mm Nozzle; for Cocoa Butter colourseach3£116.42
SEA150AComplete Airbrush Kiteach-£168.63
SEA155AKopyKake Airbrush Cleaner266ml (9 fl.oz)each2£7.76
Moulding Trays for Pralines
SEA072Moulding Tray for creating Pralines365mm x 365mm x 10mmeach3£47.11
SEA074Moulding Tray for creating Pralines365mm x 365mm x 12mmeach7£47.11
SEA076Moulding Tray for creating Pralines365mm x 365mm x 15mmeach8£47.11
Divider Bars for Moulding Trays
SEA631Divider Bar; for 10mm deep Praline Tray365mm x 10mm x 10mm; Stainless Steeleach2£25.41
SEA633Divider Bar; for 12mm deep Praline Tray365mm x 12mm x 12mm; Stainless Steeleach17£26.57
SEA635Divider Bar; for 15mm deep Praline Tray365mm x 15mm x 15mm; Stainless Steeleach7£28.88