The Valrhona Cocoa Library: Part Seven

Raspberry Inspiration – Keylink WP

Meet Valrhona’s Inspiration Fruit Couverture: Raspberry

We’re back with another product from our growing collection of Valrhona couvertures. If you missed our previous posts from the Valrhona Cocoa Library, you can head over to find out more about the Satilia range, Jivara Lactée 40%, Guanaja 70%, Dulcey 35%, Passion Fruit and Manjari 64%

This month, we’re delving into another of Valrhona’s unique fruit couvertures, the tangy and sweet Raspberry Inspiration! 

Valrhona Inspiration Couvertures

Made by combining processed fresh fruit of the finest quality with cocoa butter and sugar, these exceptional fruit couvertures allow chocolatiers, chefs and bakers to create exquisite desserts and sweet treats with ease. Offering the same workability as a chocolate couverture, Valrhona’s Inspiration range not only packs a punch with its vibrant and zesty fruit flavours, but it also boasts the bright, natural colours of each fruit, so your ganache, mousse or sorbet will stand out from the crowd for both its taste and appearance. 

Developed by Valrhona’s in house R&D team, these revolutionary fruit couvertures are a pastry chef’s dream, and best of all, they’re naturally vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free! 

Ready to experience the nostalgic taste of homemade raspberry jam in a bonbon? 

Spotlight on Raspberry Inspiration

With its eye-catching deep pink hue and the flavour of childhood memories, Raspberry Inspiration is a perfect addition to any chocolatier’s range of couvertures. Allowing you to craft romantic Valentine’s bars and bonbons, or experiment with summery raspberry mousse desserts, these bold pink fèves make creating showstopping chocolates and puddings a breeze.  

Their silky-smooth texture and fresh taste pair perfectly with a variety of other flavours, from fruits like lemon and lychee, to nuts like almond and pistachio. Whether you wrap a raspberry ganache in a white chocolate shell with a biscuit base, or ripple almond paste through raspberry ice cream for a sumptuous treat, your customers will be transported to the long, summer days of their youth. 

These fruit couvertures are jam-packed with fruity flavours, so a little goes a long way! Brighten up your bonbon range for spring with naturally colourful shells and tangy sweet fillings, or whip up a batch of raspberry sorbet for the authentic taste of British summer. 

Technical Specification

Product: Raspberry Inspiration fruit couverture 

Characteristics: 12% raspberry powder, 36% cocoa butter, tart and sweet 

Tasting notes: candied fruit and raspberry jam, with a hint of acidity 

Recommended applications: perfect for moulding bars and bonbons, but also great for coating, ganache, mousses, ice cream and sorbet 

Flavour pairings: lemon, lychee, pistachio, hibiscus, almond paste, biscuit, fennel, peppers 

Allergen information: naturally dairy free, vegan and gluten free 

We hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to one of Valrhona’s exciting and unique fruit couvertures. We’ll be back next month with another profile from the Valrhona Cocoa Library, and in the meantime you can check out the full Keylink Valrhona range to discover your next favourite chocolate!