The Valrhona Cocoa Library: Part Five

Passion Fruit profile – Keylink WP
Valrhona Inspiration Passion Fruit

Meet Valrhona’s Inspiration Fruit Couverture: Passion Fruit

Each month, we’re highlighting a different product from our collection of Valrhona couvertures. If you missed our previous posts from the Valrhona Cocoa Library, you can head over to find out more about the Satilia range, Jivara Lactée, Guanaja and Dulcey

This month, it’s our first fruit couverture. Prepare to feel passionate about passion fruit! 

Valrhona Inspiration Couvertures

Valrhona’s Inspiration range features the world’s first fruit couvertures, made from 100% natural ingredients, and used just like a chocolate couverture. These Inspiration fèves boast fabulously bright colours and intense fruit flavours, and best of all they’re naturally vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free! 

The Inspiration couvertures were developed by Valrhona’s innovative R&D team, combining their nearly a century of chocolate-making expertise, and the finest quality ingredients, to produce a couverture with the unique texture and workability of chocolate, but the fresh and zesty flavour of fruit. 

Ready to taste sunshine? 

Valrhona Passion Fruit Inspiration pack

Technical Specification

Product: Passion Fruit Inspiration fruit couverture 

Characteristics: 17.3% passion fruit, 32% cocoa butter, tangy and sweet 

Tasting notes: tropical fruit top notes and strong hints of passion fruit 

Recommended applications: best for moulding, but great in bars, mousses, ganache and cremeux  

Flavour pairings: coconut, lemon, hazelnut, mint, coriander, vanilla, orange blossom, white jasmine tea 

Allergen information: naturally dairy free, vegan and gluten free 

Spotlight on Passion Fruit Inspiration

With the sunny flavour of tropical fruits and the tangy sweetness of passion fruit, these deep golden yellow fèves bring the true taste of summer sunshine to any dessert.  

Passion fruit is a fabulous flavour that works well with many others, but the fruit can be difficult to work with due to its texture and composition. Valrhona wanted to make a real fruit product that would maintain the brightness and zest of the passion fruit, but with the ease of use and workability that hadn’t previously been possible – and so the combination of fruit, cocoa butter and sugar in a silky smooth couverture was created. 

Passion Fruit Inspiration is great for a variety of applications, especially where a real zing of fresh fruity flavour is required, but it’s best for moulding. Use Passion Fruit Inspiration to mould delicate bonbon shells and fill them with delicious ganache flavoured with coconut, almond or vanilla. It also makes delightfully sweet and tangy mousse, crèmeux and ganache, and would be fantastic in a bar. 

Passion fruit feve Valrhona

We hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to Valrhona’s exciting and unique fruit couvertures. We’ll be back next month with another profile from the Valrhona Cocoa Library, and in the meantime you can check out the full Keylink Valrhona range to discover your next favourite chocolate!