Rose, Red Chilli & Lime Chocolates


  • 500g Callebaut NXT Dairy-Free Milk - SCC752
  • Green Cocoa Butter - SCR446
  • Pink Cocoa Butter - SCR452
  • Red Cocoa Butter - SCR474
  • 1 drop of Rose Spice Drops - SCF1292
  • 5 drops of Red Chilli Spice Drops - SCF1285
  • 2 drops of Cinnamon Spice Drops - SCF1293
  • 2 drops of Lime Flavour Oil - SCF0652
  • 350g Callebaut Crema 811 - SCM290


We may be heading into winter, but this vegan chocolate is turning up the temperature! Sweet citrus, florals and a pinch of heat make these bonbons a moreish and surprisingly delicious treat.

How to Make Rose, Red Chilli & Lime Chocolates:


For the Shells

For the Filling

Step 1 - Shells

  1. Ensure that your moulds are clean and dry, so as to not compromise your chocolates
  2. Using a small paintbruh or a toothbrush, splatter the moulds with pink, red and green cocoa butter
  3. Temper the NXT chocolate and pipe it into the moulds to cast shells
  4. Empty and scrape the moulds, ensuring to save the excess chocolate - this will be used for capping, later on
  5. Leave the shells inside the moulds to set

Step 2 - Ganache

  1. Gently warm the Crema
  2. Add in the lime, rose, chilli and cinnamon spice drops, mixing together until a smooth ganache is formed
  3. Transfer into a piping bag and set aside to cool

Assembly and Finishing

  1. Once the shells have set, pipe them with the ganache, leaving a 2mm gap for capping
  2. Using the leftover NXT, cap your chocolates and leave to set
  3. Once set, they're ready to turn out!

Enjoyed this recipe? Next time, try cherry, violet and mint flavour ganache for another exciting and fresh combination!

Approximate costs

Makes 48 leaf cups
Please note: All costs are based on current Keylink List prices and up-to-date supermarket prices for non-Keylink products. These are given in good faith. These recipe costs could be lower if you benefit from Keylink discounts.