Passion Fruit, Cactus, and Lime Hearts


  • Heart-Shaped Praline Mould - SMP3110
  • 10ml White Cocoa Butter - SCR473
  • 30ml Red Cocoa Butter - SCR474
  • 5g Colac Passion Fruit Flavour Paste - SGF1814
  • 10g Colac Lime & Cactus Flavour Paste - SGF1824
  • 1 drop Cinnamon Spice Drops - SCF1293
  • 50g Glucose Syrup - SCA118
  • 100g Kerrymaid UHT Whipping Cream - SCM280
  • 50g Cacao Barry Origin Dark Chocolate Mexique - SCC104b
  • Cacao Barry White Chocolate Zephyr 500g - SCC136 (using roughly 250g after filling shells and capping)


...Because love can be passionate; but it can be spikey. It can be sour. This Valentines Day, we're hoping you'll love these sweet and citrusy bonbons; with a snappable white chocolate shell combined with a dark origin chocolate-infused ganache, they'll be sure to win the hearts of anyone who gets a taste!

How to Make Passion Fruit, Cactus, and Lime Hearts:


For the shells

For the Ganache

Step 1 - Make the Shells
  1. Prepare your moulds by ensuring they’re clean and dry - this is crucial for your shelf life and chocolate presentation!
  2. After tempering the cocoa butters, begin with flicking white cocoa butter across the mould cavities evenly. This can be achieved using a toothbrush or a small paintbrush; for this design, we recommend utilising the rim of your bowl or ramekin dish to assist in aiming your cocoa butter distribution. All this layer to set before scraping down the mould.
  3. Using a spray gun, cover the cavities in an even coat of red cocoa butter. Once again, allow this layer to set before scraping down the mould.
  4. Temper 500g Cacao Barry Zephyr white chocolate (in this recipe, we’ve opted to temper our chocolate using the seeding method) before casting your shells. You could pour directly from bowl to mould, or alternatively, make use of our piping bags for a more clinical fill.
  5. After leaving enough time for your shell to form, pour out the excess chocolate and save for capping (and/or other chocolates) later on. Scrape the mould once again and leave shells to set.
Step 2 - Make the Ganache
  1. Weigh out the Glucose Syrup, flavour pastes, and cream, and add to a mixing bowl before combining the ingredients through stirring. Bring this to a simmer by microwaving in intervals.
  2. Add the 50g Cacao Barry Origin Dark Chocolate Mexique as well as 1 pipette drop of Cinnamon Spice Drops to the heated mixture, and stir thoroughly until it becomes a smooth paste.
  3. Pour the ganache into a piping bag and allow to cool to below 29°C.
Step 3 - Fill the Shells and Cap
  1. Now that the Ganache has cooled and the shells have set, pipe the ganache into each of the cavities, leaving roughly a 2mm gap to allow for capping. Leave to set.
  2. Retemper the remaining Zephyr, and cap off your bon-bons. Scrape off the excess - this can also be saved for use again - and allow to set.
  3. Remove any plastic sheets, turn out, and package!

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Approximate costs

Makes 35 Hearts
Each chocolate
Please note: All costs are based on current Keylink List prices and up-to-date supermarket prices for non-Keylink products. These are given in good faith. These recipe costs could be lower if you benefit from Keylink discounts.