Callebaut Origin Chocolate; Dark; Sao Thome

Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 70%

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Made with Amelonado cocoa bean varieties from the island Sao Thomé. In 1822, São Thomé and Príncipe were the first African islands to import cocoa from Brazil - for which they were baptized 'the chocolate islands'. Today still, a few direct descendants of the original Forastero plants from South America can be found on the island, yielding very high quality beans. Callebaut®'s Sao Thomé dark chocolate has a very intense and complex taste, rich in roasted cacao, and with plenty of refreshing fruity notes: apricot, red fruits, citrus and even hints of tea. Sao Thomé is great to savour as such. For pairings, Callebaut's chefs recommend to combine it with fruits that have a moderate to high acidity and sweetness. Slightly bitter ingredients such as walnuts or mild coffees and spices such as Sichuan pepper that have a tingy effect on the tongue also create beautiful harmonies. With its standard fluidity, you can use Sao Thomé in a broad range of applications: moulding, enrobing, ganaches, flavouring pastry crèmes and mousses, etc.

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