Callebaut Dark Chocolate; Dark and Bitter

Easymelt Chips; Min C/S 60.1%

(Callebaut Code: 60-40-38NV-554)  

Callebaut Recipe 60-40-38 is an all-round dark chocolate that isn't too dark. Recipe n° 60-40-38 is a master in extreme balance. This chocolate is dark enough to reveal its power in a wide variety of recipes - yet has enough sweetness to appeal to a wide audience. It will add a potent and powerful cocoa taste to your creations, without being too overwhelming. With its standard fluidity, this chocolate is a true all-rounder and easily does the job in almost any application. From moulding and enrobing pralines to flavouring ganaches, mousses, bavarois, drinks or ice cream, the 60-40-38 guarantees great end results. Always.

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