Orange & Cardamom Vegan Chocolates


  • Green Cocoa Butter - SCR471
  • Orange Cocoa Butter - SCR475
  • White Cocoa Butter - SCR473
  • 3 Drops Sorrento Orange Flavour Oil - SCF0647
  • 1 Drop Cardamom Spice Drops - SCF1271
  • 25g Lubeca Marzipan - SCM390A
  • 445g Callebaut Crema 811 - SCM290
  • 500g Callebaut NXT Dairy-Free Milk - SCC752


Our newest recipe is this indulgent, vegan bonbon with all the classic Christmas flavours of orange and marzipan! Made using smooth, 43% plant-based couverture, filled with a rich orange and cardamom ganache, these truffles can help you expand your vegan chocolate offering, plus they're absolutely delicious!

How to Make Orange and Cardamom Vegan Chocolates:


For the Shells

For the Filling


Step 1 - Shells

  1. Ensure your moulds are clean and dry, so as to not compromise your chocolates
  2. Using a small paintbrush or toothbrush, splatter your moulds with green cocoa butter
  3. Allow the splatters to set before spraying each mould with orange cocoa butter
  4. Temper the chocolate and pipe it into your moulds, to cast your shells
  5. Empty and scrape the moulds, ensuring to save the excess chocolate - this will be used for capping, later on
  6. Leave the shells inside the moulds to set

Top tip: to make the colours more vibrant, spray over the orange cocoa butter with white cocoa butter, before filling your moulds with chocolate

Step 2 - Ganache

  1. Gently warm the Crema
  2. Add the orange flavour oil and cardamom spice drops to the mixture, blending together until combined into a smooth ganache
  3. Transfer into a piping bag and set aside to cool

Step 3 - Marzipan

  1. Weigh out the marzipan into 1g chunks
  2. Roll each chunk into a little ball

Assembly and Finishing

  1. Once your shells have set, pipe them with the ganache, filling each shell about two quarters of the way
  2. Pop a marzipan ball into each shell
  3. Using the leftover chocolate, cap your chocolates and leave to set
  4. Once set, they're ready to turn out!

Enjoyed this recipe? You can always leave out the marzipan if you prefer, or swap the cardamom flavouring for ginger spice drops!

Approximate costs

Makes 48
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