Dedy Praline Cutters

Made in Germany, Dedy cutters have acquired a well earned reputation as the best engineered cutters available on the market. They have an aluminium base which is strong and durable without being too heavy, with stainless steel cutting frames and wires. Both single and double cutters are available in a 'mini' version which is ideal if you are very tight for space or if you require a portable cutter for demonstrations or exhibitions. Cutting bases can be used with any cutting frames, provided the division widths of the frame are a multiple of the division widths of the base. Eg. Cutter Base 5mm can be used with 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm or 30mm frames. For a guide to using praline cutters, please see our instructional video.


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Single Cutter Base - Mini

Mini Moulding Tray for creating Pralines

180mm x 180mm x 10mm


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£39.49 each

Accessories for Standard Sized Single & Double Cutters

Take Off Metal Sheet for Praline Cutter


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£31.36 each

Accessories for Standard Sized Single & Double Cutters

Spare roll of wire for Praline Cutter



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£39.42 each