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  • Suitable For: Vegetarians, Kosher Dairy, Halal
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Callebaut’s Caramel is a great tasting, true caramel made from the finest quality ingredients, with no artificial flavours or colourings. Perfect for all applications, it boasts a deep and bold caramel taste with a classic golden colour and has great workability. Its thick, fluid and stable texture and short tail mean it can easily be piped into bars and bonbons. 

It pairs perfectly with darker and more intense chocolates and makes a fantastic confectionery filling, simply warm the caramel to 29°C before piping into chocolate truffle shells, cups and hollow shapes. You can also create a crispy or crunchy texture by mixing in nuts bresilienne, toasted biscuit balls or cocoa nibs




  • Chocolate bonbons and bars – gently heat the caramel to 29°C and pipe into shells 

  • Cut ganache – warm to 29°C and add 20-40% tempered chocolate to create chewy chocolate caramel 

Bakery & Patisserie 

  • Caramel layer in chocolate tart - heat caramel to 29°C and pipe into a pre-baked tart base before adding chocolate ganache and leaving to set 

  • Flavouring buttercream – warm the caramel and fold through buttercream for a bold caramel flavour and soft golden colour  

  • Caramel drip cake – heat to 29°C and pour or pipe around the edges of a cake for a stunning drip effect 

  • Caramel dip – gently heat the caramel to 60°C and dip churros or mini doughnuts 

  • Layer for a sponge cake – warm caramel to 29°C and spread between sponge cakes 

  • Macaron filling – pipe into the centre of a macaron for an indulgent caramel filling 

  • Glaze – add to neutral glaze to create a delicious caramel glaze 

  • Pre-bake filling – pipe bulbs into brownie mixture to create pokies (like in this Brownie Pokie recipe from the UK Chocolate Academy), or add as a layer in other baked goods. Be careful not to use too much and encase well. If the caramel is baked too long it will boil 

  • Post-bake filling – pipe into the centre of croissants, muffins, pastries and mini loaf cakes 

  • Decoration – warm the caramel and spin across brownies, doughnuts and muffins. To make the caramel firmer, 10-20% tempered chocolate can be added 

Ice Cream & Gelato 

  • Ice cream ripple – add to just churned ice cream to create a caramel ripple (see our batch gelato recipes in the Resources Hub

  • Insert for ice cream bar or stick – place a thin layer in a silicon mould and freeze. Demould and position in the centre of an ice cream lolly or bar 

Hotels & Restaurants 

  • Flavouring chocolate mousse – add into Callebaut’s chocolate mousse mix before leaving to set 

  • Caramel in a layered dessert – warm the caramel to 29°C and pipe into a verrine jar, alternating with layers of chocolate mousse and crunchy biscuit 

  • Caramel sauce – gently heat the caramel to 60°C and pour over puddings and chocolate desserts 



Too hard or soft in bucket: Check storage conditions. 

Too hot and runny: Product has been heated too much, cool before using. 

Burnt/caramelised: The sugars can easily burn, be careful to heat gently. 

Crystals on surface in bucket: Store away from humidity. 

Leaked/boiled out during cooking: Reduce the amount of caramel or reduce cooking time. 


Recipe Ideas

Find our full collection of recipes in the Resources Hub, or try a few of our favourites:

Mini Salted Caramel Truffles with Cointreau

Spiced Caramel and Apple Bonbons

Salted Caramel, Apple and Honeycomb Bars

Caramel Chocolate Muffins



  • Vegetarians Vegetarians
  • Kosher Dairy Kosher Dairy
  • Halal Halal

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