Eaux de Vie (Fruit Brandies)

An eau de vie is generally the name given to a brandy made from fruit other than grapes. Unlike liqueurs, they are not sweetened and so the fruit flavour is usually quite light.

Calvados Pere Magloire

Calvados is the AOC name used to describe a brandy distilled from fermented apples (cider) grown in specified regions around Normandy. Calvados is made by blending the cider from two different types of apples (and sometimes pears) and then ageing it for at least two years in oak barrels.

Perfect For...

  • Chocolate fillings
  • Dessert sauces
  • Marmalades and jams
  • Fruit cakes

Pear William Ganache

70 chocolates in 20 mins

Warm to 40°c and blend.

Warm in microwave to 32°c, then add to above mixture and blend.

Add alcohol concentrate and blend

Pipe into cups level with top.

Cover with crisp pearls. Warm cocoa butter in microwave to 40-50°c and brush on.